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A lot of our conversation with potential Cyclr customers centres around APIs, the possibilities they create, and how our data orchestration tools abstract the complexity of dealing with them.

But not all use cases require your app to have an API.

Cyclr successfully powers integrations of various types where no API exists in the host platform.

Simple data export operations are a great example, either one-off bulk exports of regularly scheduled tasks.

As long as you can send the data your users wish to export to a HTTP endpoint, its a straightforward task in Cyclr to have that data mapped to fields in any of the 300+ SaaS apps we have connectors for.

Data import can work in a similar fashion.

Whether you’re giving your users the ability to import data from a system they are migrating away from, or providing a way for ad hoc data to be sucked in, we have a number of ways to avoid the need for a formal API.

At an infrastructure level, our suite of database connectors can be used to such data directly into your apps datastore.

Or if you have the ability to open a simple HTTP listener – a API-lite, if you will – Cyclr can send data directly to that interface.

API-less use cases don’t have to be limited to data import and export, of course.

Using similar mechanisms, a Cyclr template can enable your users to trigger behaviour and operations based based on activity in the other apps they run their businesses on. No publicly documented API required.

We often propose these approaches to early stage businesses, where there’s too much change in their core product to commit to a stable API.

Or where established SaaS businesses have an imminent new release to their API, but can’t afford to delay offering a specific connectivity option to their users.

If you’d like to explore how you could connect your SaaS platform to a wide range of applications you can reach us in our chat system —->

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