Custom UI

Keep your Cyclr API powered integrations on brand with custom UI

Custom SaaS Styling for Integration Deployment

Custom UI Powered by Cyclr’s API

Whether you want to scale your existing integration suite with new Cyclr-powered integrations or provide your own bespoke interface to your users, Cyclr’s API has you covered.

Offering a wide range of calls to interact with your integration templates and user accounts, or directly with other systems through our Universal API, you have the flexibility to create whatever integration experience you want to provide your users with.

Built to Maintain Brand Identity

All SaaS companies have their own look and feel, providing users with a consistent experience throughout their application. Integration should be no different, which is why a powerful integration API is vital to help you scale your integration suite without compromising on design.

However, for companies that want to reduce their development backlog for delivering new integrations into their application, Cyclr also offer the Embedded Integration Marketplace – giving your team an interactive UI for customization of your user’s integration experience.

  • Offer a Bespoke Integration UX
  • Leverage Cyclr’s Library of 500+ API Connectors
  • Drive Cyclr Directly Via API

Your Custom UI - Your Style

Cyclr’s API allows for Custom UI which means you can style and deliver integrations in any way you like, so it fits your SaaS application’s style guides.

Simplesat's Custom UI for its Integration development and deployment

Custom UI in Action

Simplesat is a leader in customer feedback management and utilises Cyclr as well as native integrations they’ve built to connect their system to hundreds of third-party APIs.

By utilising Cyclr’s API and custom UI Simplesat has built the front-end but drives their integrations through the Cyclr API.

For instance, when a user clicks ‘Authenticate’ within the interface this sends off a request to Cyclr. Whilst looking a behaving like Simplesat.

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