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Your API is your software’s connection to the outside world; opening up opportunities for developers and complementary software to create new experiences for users, on top of your service.

APIs are central to integration, so dive into our API resources to learn more on how to create an integration-first API.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow applications to connect through predefined protocols, and requirements. Data is easily, and speedily exchanged through APIs. This allows for modern innovation and daily conveniences such as, moving money between bank accounts, sharing video moments on social media, or managing your at home appliances. APIs are connecting us and the world through data. 

The most common API types include:

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • GraphQL

Learn more about each of them in our know your API types guide.

Not necessarily. While APIs include built-in mechanisms to manage authentication, validation and give you a means to manage data loads, there are other ways to connect to external data.

These include direct connection to a database, event driven triggers (read more about Webhooks here) or even via manual data upload.

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