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The First Stage of Embedded Integration Implementation - The Connector Layer

Stage one of implementing Cyclr is the ‘Connector Layer’.

In here we have a pre-existing, ready-made, library of connectors that enable direct communication between software applications. It’s our role to create, interpret and update these connectors.

As well as being able to use connectors to access data through APIs, we have dedicated API connectors for accessing data via webhooks (including features such as automatic field discovery), MySQL, databases and web-based forms.

However, we also have a toolkit for your developers to very quickly develop new proprietary ‘connectors’ that are unique to your own requirements.

What are Connectors?

Connectors are visual representations of APIs, breaking down their individual methods and functions into elements that can be dragged, dropped and connected to other connectors and logic functions available in Cyclr.

Aside from giving you a new way to interact with APIs, connectors provide many other benefits to the user. Our built in testing and version control measures ensure that your integrations are live for maximum uptime. Automated notifications keep you up to date if something does affect a connector.

Pre-Configured SaaS Connectors

Our ready made connector library is ever growing, covering SaaS applications from a wide range of vertical markets.

If a third-party application has an API then we are confident we can build a connector to it.

Our role is to interpret the APIs and make the connectors easy to use and functional. We also keep them up to date.

More Information on Cyclr's Connectors

SaaS Application Connector Creation

The Cyclr development platform also helps you create your own proprietary connectors. This feature allows development teams to rapidly add new application connectors to meet specific requirements.

Proprietary connector creation can be completed through one of two methods:

OpenAPI Automatic Converter

For rapid connector creation, we have an OpenAPI (Swagger) documentation consumer.

By pointing it to the documentation, or by pasting the output directly into the tool, the majority of the legwork of creating a connector is done for you in minutes!

Methods are laid out and prepared, leaving you just to complete any necessary authentication or rate limiting tasks.

Learn About Our OpenAPI Converter
Build your own connectors

Custom Connector Creation Tools

Our developer tools give you a step by step process to create your own connectors. Each part of an API is broken down into individual tabs, each with laid out fields and prompts to ensure you are mapping the API to the correct areas.

The tool kit also manages releases, so you can work on enhancing your connector while a version is live, promoting it only when you are ready.

Learn More About Creating Connectors

Connectors Now Setup? What's the Next Step?

Once you have selected or created the connectors you want to provide integrations to we move on to the next Layer of deployment: the Orchestration Layer.

The Orchestration Layer lets you effectively instruct the connectors as to what you want them to do – eg. “Get me the list of people who have just signed-up on Mailchimp and put them into my New Customer Account in Salesforce, then please check this every day and keep it updated”.

Find Out More About The Orchestration Layer

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