Embedded iPaaS for all - scale your SaaS integrations with a visual toolkit

Cyclr’s low-code, easy to use, embedded iPaaS system empowers ANYONE in your SaaS business to respond to user integration requests without adding to your development backlog.

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Breaking Down Embedded iPaaS with the Layers of Integration

Connector Layer

One integration gives you the ability to connect to any of the 500+ SaaS services in our library.

Orchestration Layer

Orchestrate data between applications using our visual toolkit, helping you create publishable integrations in no time.

Presentation Layer

Deploy your integrations into your app with a few clicks without all the development work.

Performance Layer

Ensure your users’ accounts and integrations are performing well with our range of tools for managing workflows at scale.

Transform integration delivery from a problem to an opportunity


Transform your API from backend to frontend, from developer focused to business user focused. Deliver integrations natively from within your own application and add value to your end-users.


Add connectivity in days, not months. So you can add transformative technology to your system in no time at all. Be responsive to the needs of clients and your sales team.


Use our drag and drop integration builder to create template integrations, then click to publish them to your app. Your users can then search and deploy these integrations in a couple of clicks.


Let your support team help keep your users’ experience and never worry about third-party API/plugin fragmentation again.


Let your dev team spend more time developing your program. Don’t let delivering integrations become a core development process inhibitor, Cyclr can facilitate a smoother process.


Turn your API into a revenue generator. Should you choose you can use Cyclr to deliver integrations as a value-add feature and push users up through your price plans.


Customers who have integrated with your platform should have higher satisfaction rates and be less likely to leave.


Don’t rely on third party applications to resolve integration, it breaks the continuity of your relationship and risks exposure to competitors.


Let your users enjoy your system by reducing friction; give them a system that allows them to automate repetitive tasks.

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Cyclr connects seamlessly with software your users already use

What our customers are saying

Great SaaS enabler for providing out of the box integrations.

“It’s a super powerful integration platform for B2B integrations. You just need to enable this in your software, figure out some basic java scripting and then anyone, with a minimal tech skills, could connect/build ready to run integrations to any existing systems that your customers might have.”

Bisser Ivanov

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer (COO)


The company and the product are very easy to work with. Highly recommended!

“Cyclr has an intuitive user interface. There is a lot of deployment flexibility. You can start off using the Cyclr servers to handle transactions and move, when ready to your own hosted system. So getting a solution up and running is very fast. We were told it would take us a couple of days to start getting our integration working, but in fact after a couple of hours we could see data flowing between our two, unrelated cloud systems. We reviewed other solutions and found that Cyclr’s business model and technology to be the most friendly.”

Bruce Costello



Flexible, easy-to-use SaaS integration platform with stellar support team

“Main benefits:
1. Impressive range of out-of-the-box connector methods.
2. Running tests is easy, and any errors are explained using clear, easy-to-understand language.
3. Top tier customer support – helpful for users with no programming experience.”

Kelly B

Inbound Marketing, Sales Enablement


Deliver rapid integrations direct to your users

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