Infrastructure Layer

A choice of iPaaS deployment options


Cyclr is suitable for both young SaaS and established SaaS, high data volume businesses and low volume businesses, those that have clients who need to bulk upload data and those that don’t. As a result, we support a variety of options when it comes to deployment. Explore these below or, more importantly, speak to us about your specific requirements.

Shared Hosting

Our Growth and Scale Shared Infrastructure Plans are designed to be both easy to deploy and affordable with pricing inclusive of license and hosting. Every client has a generous monthly allowance of API calls (you can ‘top-up’ if necessary) and processing power within a shared cloud environment, which is covered by our SLA.

In addition we offer a choice of AWS locations when you set-up your plan – UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt) and USA (North Virginia). 

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AWS and Azure Hosting Options

Private Cloud

For larger businesses, or those with higher transaction volumes, we support dedicated Private Cloud deployment. Hosting and auto scaling rules can be configured to your specific requirements (data volume, transaction frequency and latency).

Private Cloud is available in our Enterprise Plan where you also benefit from a deeper level of support and an enhanced SLA. Hosting can be in any geographic location of your choice and we currently support both AWS and Azure (speak to us about alternative providers). Hosting costs are incurred ‘as charged’ by your chosen provider as we separate the Cyclr application license cost from the hosting cost.

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Onboarding Environment - Bulk Data Uploading

Some SaaS applications require large data-imports when onboarding clients. As data-imports can be large, and potentially inhibited by any API throttling/restrictions from the third-party data source, it often makes sense to separate the ‘onboarding’ data flows from the ‘maintenance’ data flows. Configuring a separated environment for both onboarding and maintenance means that each can have dedicated queues without one impacting the other.

In our Growth and Scale plans we can accommodate a second environment suitable to your purposes and in Enterprise/Private Cloud plans we can set up your infrastructure to accommodate this. Speak to us for more detail.

  • For Large Data Uploads
  • Separated queues from your maintenance process
  • Easier management
Present all of your integrations in a single customisable integration marketplace - handling integration presentation and self-service setup
Performance graphs and tools available on your Cyclr dashboard

Sandbox - A Staging Environment for your Development Team

Want an environment for testing and experimentation? Different users in your creative environment vs your production environment? Then simply put you need a Sandbox account for your Cyclr Console.

Build out and test any connector, integration or embedded marketplace in your own ring-fenced area. Any workflows built here can be easily transferred into your production account.

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