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LAUNCH is Cyclr’s integration deployment feature that enables a super-simple set-up process for end-users and removes the need (should you choose) for you to deploy your own UX. Whilst Embedded Marketplace is a centralized marketplace tool, LAUNCH enables you to distribute template deployment throughout your application on a decentralized basis.

Rather than having to develop your own native UX for template deployment using our API, LAUNCH gives you a trigger based setup that runs on top of your application.

LAUNCH guides your users through setting up an integration between your app and third party apps; handling template selection and application authorisation, leaving them to provide only that information which cannot be included within your integration template.

LAUNCH integration setup

Integration Setup Flow

LAUNCH provides your end users with a quick and easy way of setting up and authenticating your template integrations.

Triggered by a URL in your own application, the user is then presented with a pop up (browser window on mobile) that displays the following:


Select which application you want to connect your account to. These connections are well named integration templates, created in your Cyclr console, which LAUNCH runs through authentication and setup.

Choose application to integrate with
Authenticate Application

The user is stepped through authentication for each third party connector used within the selected integration template.

The OAuth flow is stepped through, passing the user back to complete setup of their chosen integration.

Note: screen may look different depending on the third party applications OAuth setup.

Note: screen may look different depending on the third party applications OAuth setup.


For each step within the selected integration template that requires parameters to be selected, the user will be presented with a screen.

Sometimes, your user will be asked to select from a list of values obtained from within an authenticated connector involved in the template - for example, a list of email lists from within their email marketing platform (in this example, the user can select their list from a drop down menu).

Select Lists and Connect

LAUNCH vs Native API Integration

While our native integration solution fits the needs of SaaS companies with UX development resources to make the platform their own, there are many use cases where applications require a simpler solution, without the need for native API connectivity. This is where LAUNCH fits in; providing a premade user authentication and setup flow for your template integrations created in Cyclr.


Configurable UI 100% Customisable UX
1 API Call 10+ API Calls
0 Screens to Build (Just a Button for your App’s UI) 6+ Screens to Build
Launch in Day(s) Launch in Week(s)
100% White Labelled 100% White Labelled
Web/Mobile Compatible Web/Mobile/IoT Compatible

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