Presentation Layer

Choose how to deliver integrations natively within your application

The Presentation Layer: or in other words the ‘How do you Want it to Look?’ Layer

We offer a variety of ways that a SaaS company can display the Cyclr application and let users ‘turn on’ or activate the integrations. You can either choose to completely design your own ‘skin’ or you can use some simple, brandable, components that we have already built.

Our flexible platform allows you to deploy native integration in one of three ways.

Integration Marketplace embedded in a SaaS app

Embedded Marketplace

Create and deploy a fully functioning embedded integration marketplace inside your SaaS application in no time.

The Cyclr Embedded Marketplace allows you to customise styling to fit within your application. Quick to set-up, adapt and extend. Read more by clicking the link below.

Find Out More About Our Embedded Marketplace

Bespoke UI/UX

By building a bespoke UI/UX on top of our own API you have complete freedom with where and how you want to present your integrations to your users.

This flexibility allows Cyclr to be deployed in a wide range of types of applications, including SaaS platforms and mobile apps.


Take a Look at our API Setup Guide
LAUNCH integration setup


LAUNCH is Cyclr’s integration deployment feature that enables a super-simple set-up process for end-users and removes the need (should you choose) for you to deploy any UX.

LAUNCH gives you a trigger based setup that runs on top of your application.

LAUNCH guides your users through setting up an integration between your app and third party apps; handling template selection and application authorisation, leaving them to provide only that information which cannot be included within your integration template.

Find out more about the LAUNCH integration tool

Check Out The LAUNCH Setup Guide