iPaaS built from the ground up for embedding. Simple to use, flexible deployment.

Cyclr’s low-code, easy to use, integration platform empowers ANYONE in your SaaS business to respond to user integration requests without adding to your development backlog.

A developer toolkit that can also be used by commercial teams. Think about that…
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Rapidly deliver native integrations, direct to your users, from within your own application

Cyclr provides a scalable connectivity framework; easy low-code tools to design and build integrations, an API to let you create any UI/UX you like or a simple methods to LAUNCH and deliver integrations directly inside your SaaS application.

  • Purpose built for SaaS platforms
  • Always up to date
  • Drag and drop integration builder
  • No code required
  • All in one integration solution

300+ APIs

Cyclr gives you immediate connectivity to 300+ other APIs - without coding. Access a growing library of API connectors with no further development effort. Cyclr provides a complete abstraction layer between APIs, reducing your development and maintenance effort to almost nothing.

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Seamless embedding

Seamlessly embed our integrations natively in your app. Cyclr’s own API is easy to use and allows you to build your own UX. It is our goal to be completely invisible to your users.

Alternatively you can deploy our Embedded Marketplace or LAUNCH functionality which enables a super-simple set-up process for end-users and removes the need (should you choose) for you to deploy your own UX.

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Working with the Cyclr API

Always up to date

APIs change, things break, users get annoyed and it’s not your fault; we take the pain out of working with third-party APIs. We are continuously adding, extending, and updating our library of connectors, so you can focus on adding features to your core platform.

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Integration builder

Build your own custom integrations with our low-code, drag and drop integration workflow builder. Transform your API into something visual, front-end and code free that can be used throughout your team. Our builder can even be used to create automations built entirely on-top of your API.

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Template integrations

Template integrations

Design & test integrations for your users in minutes in our automation workflow builder, no code required. Your integration templates are published in your app’s UI, allowing users to achieve easy integration by completing a step-based form styled to look exactly like your app.

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Cyclr has been built from the ground up to be deployed against heterogeneous SaaS environments. You can run our platform within own shared cloud infrastructure or on a VPC. In either case, we support numerous methods of deployment and scaling.

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Available hosting options including AWS and Azure

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