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We’re delighted to announce that our Marketplace is getting a big upgrade. The Cyclr Embedded Integration Marketplace is a one-stop solution for delivering all of your integrations to your users within your application.

The latest update to Marketplaces not only makes setting up a user-facing integration solution quicker than ever before, but it’s also more flexible. As a result, it enables you to create whatever navigation structure you need, while combining integrations built in Cyclr, with external integrations or whatever content you like. This is all achieved through the magic of low code.

The Integration Marketplace in Action

Editing your integration marketplace with drag and drop

This update allows users to add new content by adding one of our four card types: category, integration template, rich text or action links. Then users can drag them into the position they want them to be displayed in.

What else can you achieve with this integration marketplace?

  • Users will have the ability to categorise their integration content with Category blocks. This means users can create as many layers in their interface as they want.
  • Additional Integration Templates mean a user’s customers can install and find all the necessary authentication and setup processes are handled inside the Marketplace. As well as this users can even select multiple Integration Templates to be installed in a single installation process.
  • Users will be able to add rich text blocks to give more information and context to their customers about the integrations available. There is also the option to create your own flexible structures for your Marketplace.
  • Finally, users can include links to anything they like with Action Links, for instance, links to documentation, helpdesk or even existing internal or external integrations, so they can be delivered to customers from one place.

Everything in your Marketplace can be tweaked to match your application’s look and feel. For instance, from adding custom headers and footers, to using CSS to change any element within it. As well as add custom sidebars and search features with a couple of clicks.

If you’d like to try the updated Marketplaces tool it is available from your Cyclr Console sidebar under Embedding. If you can’t see it there, just contact your Customer Success Manager to get a trial.

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