Point your data sources into Google Data Studio – with a single connection

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Dashboards like those on Google Data Studio, are the quickest way to express the performance of your SaaS across a variety of functions. Whether it’s for monitoring application performance, sales funnel progression or helpdesk activity dashboards allow you to provide high-level overviews.


Whether it’s your clients who need this functionality, your application contributes to their overall company performance. Or whether it is yourself that wants to create a dashboard for your own consumption. We now have the connector to help.

Integrating Google Data Studio has become a popular choice for creating visually clear dashboards.

Getting to the source of data with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio Connector

Now, with our new connector, you can set up one information source. Then use our connector to access any data point from any of the other connectors in our library. If we connect to you, you are connected to Google Data Studio – and so are your clients.

So with one connector, you can quickly create up-to-date dashboards for all aspects of your business. 

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BigQuery in your integration workflows

Not content with just giving you data access in Google, you can now integrate with Google BigQuery as well.

Google BigQuery Connector

Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable and cost-effective cloud data warehouse designed to help you make informed decisions quickly, so you can transform your business with ease.

So now you can add to and access your warehoused data directly in your integrations, enriching it with data from your application or any of your essential business data from any source.

If you need to integrate with BigQuery or integrate with Data Studio – get in touch.

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