Calendars Connectors

Integrate with calendar connectors to automate scheduling, manage appointments, and enhance productivity.

Add Calendars integrations into your SaaS

Calendar connectors facilitate integration with popular calendar platforms, helping users manage their schedules effectively. By offering these connectors, SaaS companies can help their users streamline scheduling workflows, automate reminders, and enhance time management.

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Take a look at some common use cases with our Calendars Connectors

By integrating your SaaS application using Cyclr you can quickly and easily create scalable, user facing integrations with any of the Connectors in our library.

Connecting your SaaS platform with Outlook Calendar is a practical example. This integration allows users to manage appointments, schedule meetings, and sync calendars, ensuring efficient time management and productivity.

Solve your users business cases natively, within your application, including use cases such as these:

CRMs and Calendars integration use cases

  • Add additional detail to events in your calendar bookings
  • Automatically create events in your calendar with meeting room details
  • Create tasks in your CRM for stakeholders involved in a meeting
  • Create new contacts from scheduled calendar invitees
  • Add new CRM task to calendar as events

Project Management and Calendars integration use cases

  • Create new project management card from developer tool issue, add to calendar as an event, and email project assignment to team members

Forms and Calendars integration use cases

  • Create calendar events from new form submissions

Collaboration and Calendars integration use cases

  • Create new calendar events for new files in collaboration software

Some of the many benefits of using Cyclr as your integration solution



Transform your API from backend to frontend, from developer focused to business user focused.

Deliver integrations natively from within your own application and add value to your end-users.

Build Quickly

Build Quickly

Add connectivity in days, not months. So you can add transformative technology to your system in no time at all.

Be responsive to the needs of your clients and your sales team.

No code integrations

No code integrations

Use our drag and drop integration builder to create integrations, then click to publish them to your app.

Your users can then search and deploy these integrations in a couple of clicks.

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