Embedded iPaaS: What have we built in the first quarter of 2024?

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Third-Party APIs - Google Sheets, Data Dog, Stripe, Facebook Messenger, Act!, Salesforce and Google Ads

We’ve put together a list of some of the new bits and bobs we’ve been working on and launching in the first quarter of 2024. This includes new Connectors, product updates and launching a new integration partner programme. 

Public API Connectors 

We have been expanding our 600+ strong Application Connector Library even further with these fresh additions. These will help you streamline your processes and improve your integration capabilities.

The new connectors cover a myriad of different services, ranging from customer experience and sales to marketing, and much more.

Clubspeed – Clubspeed is the world’s leading venue management software for rental karting, trampoline and family entertainment centres.

DHL Tracking – International tracking of your DHL shipment: have your DHL tracking number at hand to track and trace.

Freshsuccess –  Freshsuccess is a customer success platform that helps businesses streamline operations. These include customer account health tracking, client segmentation, workflow configuration and more on a centralized platform.

GoTo Webinar – GoTo Webinar is a webinar platform to engage with your audience through virtual conferences and events. 

Heartland Retail – Heartland Retail Software is a cloud point-of-sale suite designed to run on any of the popular operating systems. This includes Microsoft Windows, Google Android, or Apple iOS.

Media Monitors – Media Monitors local digital service gives you access to advertiser intelligence across hundreds of local websites each day. 

Microsoft Ads – Microsoft’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system. You bid based on how much you are willing to pay per click on your ad. 

Prey – Prey is an Open-Source platform that prioritizes the clean and private handling of user data.

Sendlane – Sendlane is a cloud-based email marketing solution for content creators, digital marketers, and e-commerce companies. Key features include email automation, performance tracking, real-time reporting and analytics as well as email retargeting.

Spektrix – Create exceptional customer experiences with Spektrix’s market-leading box office and theatre ticketing software for arts and cultural organisations.

Stannp – Stannp is a direct mail platform, where you can upload and create your letters or postcards. 

Verint Workforce Management – Agent Performance – Verint’s performance management solutions can help you reimagine workforce management and work toward optimizing cost, quality and service.

Zoominfo – ZoomInfo is the go-to-market platform that helps businesses find, acquire, and grow customers.

As well as these public API Connectors we’ve built a tonne of private API Connectors for our customers to use. We’ve also been busy updating an array of existing API connectors in our library.

Cyclr’s Utility Connectors

Counter Storage Connectors allow you to store multiple “counters”. Perhaps indicating the number of times a particular item has been processed or an event has occurred.

  • Cycle Counter Storage: counters stored by this Connector are only accessible from within the Cycle that created them.

  • Global Counter Storage: counters stored by this Connector are accessible throughout the Account it’s installed in.

Product Updates 

  • “Console Administrators” have been renamed to “Console Users”. Users can now provide different levels of access for each member of your team. Check our documentation for more details.
  • New Connectivity Tools have been added to the Template Builder. This will speed up prototyping and making one-off API calls and to simplify tasks. Check our documentation for more details.
  • The Template Builder also has a new “Switch” Tool which makes handling multiple conditions simpler. Check our documentation for more details.
  • Step Errors shown in the Builder can now be marked as “Read” rather than deleted. This removes their red/yellow icons on Steps but keeps their entries within their Transactions.
  • “Custom Object Category” Connector Methods can now be accessed and called through Cyclr’s API. Previously only standard Connector Methods could be called in this way.
  • “Switch Console” feature added to the User menu. This is useful if you have multiple consoles. For example, a Production console and a Staging console, and wish to easily switch between them. If you’d like to discuss adding a second console to your account please get in touch. 
  • Improvements to working with an API that uses GraphQL: Cyclr can automatically add Custom Fields to a Method.
  • We are updating the field mapping API. This means that one call can change multiple mappings on a step, instead of each individual item needing its own call.

Partner Programme

We’ve launched our Integration Partnership Programme and collaborated with a small number of companies. They are accredited as official Cyclr partners. This means if you’d like help to build templates, configure the marketplace, or research integrations, we can connect you with a partner who can assist you. 

Every partner has been through our internal training program and they have full access to the Cyclr team. They will be fully equipped to help!

Cyclr Website Refresh

Last but by no means least we’re excited to announce a fresh new look for our website. The updated look features a sleeker interface and navigation designed to improve your experience. Explore the new site today and let us know what you think!  

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