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Cyclr lets you create drag and drop integration workflows for Oracle. You can automate internal process within Oracle or integrate to third-party apps and services. With our easy-to-use logic, you can create powerful workflows that map to and automate the processes of your business.

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What does Cyclr do?

Powerful automations and workflows


Integrate the apps you run to share data and trigger actions.


Create branching workflows, blending many apps into a seamless process.


Trigger actions on dates, take the right action at the right time.

Report and Monitor

View reports and ensure your workflows run smoothly.

Case Studies

How Cyclr integrates and automates Oracle

Sales Lead Capture

Connect popular website form builders to Oracle Sales Cloud to capture new leads.

Cyclr makes it easy to get leads into Oracle Sales Cloud from Wordpress, Formstack, Typeform and others.

Sales Automation

Look for new or updated contacts in Oracle Sales and take automated actions.

Create internal workflow automations to create tasks, update data, or send messages when fields change.

Helpdesk Integration

Keep Oracle and your helpdesk perfectly in sync.

Resolve tickets faster and delight more customers by empowering your helpdesk with the latest data from your CRM.

Systems Integration

Cyclr provides over 60 third-party integrations for Oracle Sales Cloud.

Drag and drop integration to other CRMs, billing, accounting, event management, ecommerce and more.

Pre-built Oracle Sales Cloud integrations

Try any of these Oracle Sales Cloud integrations, no account required

Add Your Oracle Sales Cloud Leads to your MailChimp Leads List

Automatically add your leads to your marketing list with this Oracle Sales Cloud and MailChimp integration. This cycle checks your leads list against your mailing list, adding undiscovered lead to your marketing list.

Add New Website Leads Directly into Oracle Sales Cloud

Automatically add new leads into your Oracle Sales Cloud CRM. This cycle sends Gravity Forms entries to your CRM, adding a new lead if the customer is not already listed.

Add New Oracle Sales Cloud Leads to dotmailer

Keep your marketing lists up to date with this marketing automation workflow. The is cycle updates your dotmailer contacts with new leads added to Oracle Sales Cloud.

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Oracle Sales Cloud Features

Full list of all Oracle Sales Cloud API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Create Account Create an account action
Delete Account Update an account action
Get Account View an account. get
List Accounts View all accounts. get
Update Account Update an account action


Feature Description Type
Create Activity Create an activity. action
Delete Activity Delete an activity. action
Get Activity Get an activity. get
List Activites List all activities. get
Update Activity Update an activity. action


Feature Description Type
Create Contact Create a contact. action
Delete Contact Delete a contact. action
Get Contact Return a contact. get
List Contacts Return all contacts. get
Update Contact Update a contact. action


Feature Description Type
Create Opportunity Create an opportunity. action
Delete Opportunity Delete an opportunity. action
Get Opportunity View an opportunity. get
List Opportunities List all opportunities. get
Update Opportunity Update an opportunity. action

Sales Leads

Feature Description Type
Create Sales Lead Create a sales lead. action
Delete Sales Lead Delete a sales lead. action
Get New Sales Leads Get new sales leads. get
Get Sales Lead by ID Get a sales lead by its ID. get
Get Updated Sales Leads Get updated sales leads. get
List Sales Leads Get all sales leads. get
Update Sales Lead Update a sales lead. action

Sales Orders

Feature Description Type
Create Sales Order Create a sales order. action
Delete Sales Order Delete a sales order. action
Get Sales Order View a sales order. get
List Sales Orders View all sales orders. get
Update Sales Order Update a sales order. action
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