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SalesPad was designed by distributors with day-to-day operations in mind. Gone are the days of ERP that catered solely to the accounting crowd.

SalesPad Connector Methods


List CustomersGet a list of customer records. Action
Get CustomerGet Customer By Customer Number. Action
Search Customers by NameGet a list of customer records with match by name. Action
Search CustomersSearch customer records using OData filtering. Action
List Updated CustomersReturns a list of customers that have been modified since last run. Action
Create CustomerCreate a customer in Salespad. Action
Create Customer And AddressCreate a customer with address in Salespad. Action
Create Customer NumberCreate a new unique Customer Number for a new Customer based on their name. Action

Customer Addresses

Get Customer AddressGet a customers address record. Action
List Customer Address CodesGet Customer Address Codes. Action
Search AddressesSearch address records using OData filtering. Action
Find Addresses by Zip CodeFinds Addresses matching the supplied Zip Code. Action
Create Customer AddressCreates a customer address. Action


Get ItemGet an item record. Action
Copy ItemCopy existing Item to new Item and update from ItemMaster body before saving. Action
Create ItemCreates an item record. Action
List ItemsGet item records. Action

Sales Documents

Update Sales DocumentUpdates a sales document record. Action
Get Sales DocumentGet the requested sales documents. Action
Create Sales DocumentCreates a sales document record. Action
Create Sales Line ItemCreates a sales line item record. Action
List Sales DocumentsList sales documents. Action
Create Sales Document PaymentCreates a sales document payment record. Action
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