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Point of sale for iPad, Mac and PC.

Connector Methods


List CustomersList customers. Action
Get CustomerGet a single customer by ID. Action
List New CustomersList new customers since last run. Action
Update CustomerUpdates an existing customer. Action
Delete CustomerDelete a customer. Action
Create CustomerCreates a new customer. Action


List SalesList sales. Action
Get SaleGet a single sale by ID. Action
List New SalesList new sales since last run. Action

Customer Groups

List Customer GroupsList customer groups. Action
Get Customer GroupGet a single customer group by ID. Action
Update Customer GroupUpdates an existing customer group. Action
Delete Customer GroupGet a single customer group by ID. Action
List Customer Group MembersReturns a list of Customers for the given Customer Group. Action
Add Customers to GroupAssociates one or more Customers with the given Customer Group Action
Remove Customers from GroupDeletes the given Customers from the Customer Group. Action
Create Customer GroupCreates a new customer group. Action


List ProductsReturns a paginated list of products. Action
Get ProductReturns a single product object with a given ID. Action
Get Inventory DataReturns inventory data for a single product in all the outlets. Action
Get Product Price BooksThis end point returns the list of Price Books the given product is in. Action
Upload Product ImageUpload a binary file with an image to be used for a product. This request should be encoded as multipart/form-data. Action

Product Types

List Product TypesReturns a paginated list of product types. Action
Get Product TypeReturns a single product type with a given ID. Action

Product Images

Get Product Image DataReturns the metadata for a single product image with a given ID. This method is useful for checking the status of an image after it was uploaded. Action
Set Image PositionAllows for changing the image position in the list. Action
Delete Product ImageDeletes the product_image with the requested ID. Action
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