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It is easy to imagine A-to-B interconnectivity as there are many common integration use cases. For instance, “taking my contacts from my CRM and putting them into my email application. Alternatively, “taking my transaction data from my eCommerce system and recording them in my accounting system”. With a tool like Cyclr that is API Orchestration at its’ very simplest.

However sometimes, like the nursery rhyme, real life can be a little more complicated. This is where Cyclr can help you push your imagination. We can help you orchestrate interconnectivity and automation across multiple applications and APIs.

In other words, we can help you deliver real-life complexity in an automated form. Because life isn’t simple and the tasks that you may want to automate may often be the more time consumptive and multi-step tasks.

Multi-Application Workflows in Cyclr

Our clients never cease to amaze us with the real-life uses of Cyclr.

For example:

GDPR compliance – a one-click query to look up a client record across all the applications that an enterprise uses, such that a complete client record can be found (and subsequently deleted) across one workflow.

GDPR Compliance Workflow

E-commerce – take my transaction record, and add it to my CRM, when transaction values are greater than X in X time period update client status to VIP, remove from one email contact list and add to a VIP contact list, and send promotion.

eCommerce to CRM Workflow

Events – when a client registers on a website, update CRM and update the email application to the ‘prospect’ list, check-in event booking site and when the client booked remove the client from the email ‘prospect’ list to email ‘attendee’ list, check against event registration software when attends send a text message via text message application saying ‘welcome’.

Event Organisation Workflow

Integration can be Complex

The key point is that it can be complex. ‘API Orchestration’ can also mean conducting data across multiple applications to achieve one single commercial outcome. A little bit of work in the automation of a process can save hours in real-life time.

Cyclr offers hundreds of different application connectors and also different logic steps that you can integrate into the templates you offer to your end users.

Specifically, we offer:

  • ‘Wait until’ set a specific date for an action to happen
  • ‘Delay’ wait a specified duration of time (e.g. 15 mins) before performing the next action
  • ‘If’ – if this then do this, if not then do that

With the simple combination of the three logic steps above you can achieve a large number of real-life automation for clients.

Chat with us and see what is possible.

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