Can I have my iPaaS platform hosted in a Private Cloud environment?

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Yes you can.

We understand that sometimes people want something that is just theirs.

Cyclr offers you the choice to select a Private Cloud deployment of our Embedded iPaaS platform. You can choose with whom it is hosted and in which geography. We will help you deploy, manage and monitor the infrastructure. The only condition? Cyclr must be the only application running in the Private Cloud environment.

In this blog we go through some of the key differences between Multi-Tenanted, On-Premise and Private Cloud deployments of our iPaaS platform.

Do I have to have Private Cloud?


The Cyclr approach is to make it easy for you to get going and scale. The large majority of our customers typically start with either our Start-Up or Business plans, both of which are multi-tenanted, shared environment, plans with hosting bundled. These plans are affordable and have metered connectivity – but with 500,000 tasks per month the base plans are usually more than adequate for a young company’s needs.

It is as you grow, and your integration volumes increase, that your requirements may evolve. It could be through either demand and usage of your application and integrations, or the need to have a dedicated environment based upon evolving commercial business requirements. Either way Cyclr can evolve with you. It is at this point that you consider a Private Cloud deployment.

What is a Private Cloud deployment of Cyclr?

A private cloud deployment of Cyclr gives you full access to the Cyclr platform in your own dedicated managed infrastructure. Much like the majority of SaaS applications, the Cyclr application can be hosted in any of the major cloud infrastructure providers: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud……… You select the provider and it is likely that you will select one that mirrors your own existing infrastructure.

This differs to our Startup and Business packages which reside in our shared AWS environments. Here your choice is restricted to whether you would like the application hosted in North America or the UK.

Can you deploy an On-Premise version?


The integration of hundreds of applications is inevitably a constantly moving beast. In order to provide our service to you we need to be able to have direct access to the Cyclr application at all times, to deploy, manage and maintain connectors (as APIs evolve or are deprecated). Part of our service is ensuring that the connector environment is as up to date as it can be, and to resolve if they arise. If Cyclr was On Premise we would be constrained from being able to manage connector version updates at the rate that may be required.

A dedicated Private Cloud deployment is as close as we can get to On-Premise.

A private cloud deployment is a very close alternative to On Premise.

Much like your own SaaS architecture, you have the ability to directly manage the size and location of your Private Cloud instance, be it with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or another infrastructure provider.

What are the Differences in Shared Environment and Private Cloud Hosting cost Options?

Our shared environment plans combine the Cyclr platform license and server costs into one single monthly fee. Server costs are managed through a monthly limit of tasks available to you and your users (a task is a manipulation or placement of a record).

By moving into your own Private Cloud instance this is split, you pay the hosting bill directly to the provider (Cyclr makes no margin and this gives you the keys to the infrastructure) and you pay us for the license and support. As you control your hosting environment you can have a completely customisable level of infrastructure – you can choose the size of the engine and the speed of processing.

As a private deployment of Cyclr is installed into your cloud setup, you also have the ability to define geographically where data is stored and processed when passing through Cyclr.

Can I have multiple Private Cloud instances?


To ask this question you must be a potential ‘super user’. But there is no reason that we cannot deploy multiple Private Cloud instances for you.

Why would you need this?

Perhaps you have geographically diverse customers and would prefer to have both a European and North American deployment? Perhaps you work with very large Enterprise businesses yourself where your own clients integrations requirements and data flows are so large that they would benefit from stand-alone dedicated infrastructure themselves?

Whatever the reason, we are here to help and our Enterprise team will work closely with you to define your requirements and help you manage them now and into the future.

If I pay the hosting is the licence cheaper then?

Unfortunately not.

Although you are picking-up the hosting bill directly with the provider, Cyclr is required to help manage and update the application in your Private Cloud. If anything the complexity increases for us.

This means that we have a deeper support relationship with you to help you scale and manage your requirements. It also gives us another (or multiple) ring-fenced environments to version control.

When you adopt Private Cloud you are subscribing to our Enterprise level of service. Here we provide you with a dedicated Account Manager and deeper levels of support.

All in all you are likely to be a more ‘time intensive’ client. Which is a good thing.

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