Cyclr’s Latest Connectors – February 2020

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Here’s a brief round-up of some of the latest Cyclr connectors, features and updates that were made available this month.

Latest Cyclr Connectors

Brandbot – The All-In-One Customer Communication Hub.

FranConnect – FranConnect is the leading franchise management software provider.

Heartland – A global payment solution helping businesses prosper through innovative solutions.

iSalesCRM – Skyrocket your sales with our marketing automation CRM platform, for sales agents nationwide.

PeopleHR – People HR is a reliable human resources management solution built for small and medium businesses.

Radius Campus Management – Make deeper connections with students from inquiry to application and enrollment with higher education’s best-in-class admissions management solution.

SurefireCRM – Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM is the #1 most used sales and online marketing platform for the mortgage industry.

Vend – Point of sale for iPad, Mac and PC.

New Cyclr Features

Account Groups

Helping to manage a large number of accounts, you can now group accounts in your Cyclr Console. Connectors installed in the parent account can be shared with sub-accounts.

Integration Run Time Frequency

For those integrations that don’t need to be run often, we’ve added a new cycle frequency option: users can run cycles on a weekly interval.

Integration Builder UI

Nearly all fields and text in the Cyclr builder are editable, helping you self-document your integrations as you build them. To show where you can add your own edits we have added a pencil icon next to any inline editable fields.

We’ve also updated our JavaScript editor in the builder (click “Advanced” on any step to find it) for developers. The input area will auto-expand when you have a long script.

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