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The last year has seen AI hit the mainstream with the overwhelming success of ChatGPT. By making AI technology accessible to the public it’s enabled millions of people to begin using the young technology, pushing it to see what can be created.

While creating unsettling images, automatically generating websites or chatting to an AI version of a celebrity is fun and imaginative, there are some real practical applications for this technology when combining it with your business systems.

We take a look at some of the potential uses of ChatGPT when used to enhance different areas of your business.

CRM + ChatGPT Integration Use Cases

Enrich a Deal’s Information on a Company

Adding context to your customer’s records has great benefits for all involved in customer interaction, so why not use AI to automatically improve your record collection and provide further information on the companies you work with?

New Deal added > Create customer overview > Add to CRM deal/company

Example Prompt: Create a business summary for me to give an overview of [company name], including their business’ size, USP, target market, main product and main competitors.

Create a Reengagement Email Copy of Old Leads

When a deal is going stale, use ChatGPT to find company-specific messaging that aims to engage your contact with relevant examples and personalisation.

Deal Age over x days > Create an email copy to re-engage with the customer

Sales + ChatGPT Integration Use Cases

Engaging Sales Email Copy

Write marketing copy to make my email marketing more engaging. The product I am promoting is called X (e.g., company, service or organization). What subject lines would you suggest for a sequence of Y emails?

Summarise Sales Calls

Take a transcript of a Sales call and create a summary.

Get Zoom Call Transcription > Use ChatGPT to summarise the text

Extend this by connecting it with your CRM to automatically add the summarised text to the deal as a note.

Marketing + ChatGPT Integration Use Cases

Create Summaries of your Latest Blog Posts

Get New WordPress Posts > Create a summary of posts as a roundup > Create a new email with a post roundup summary

Example Prompt: Create a marketing email copy summarising these posts [New WordPress Posts] explaining what is in each briefly, displaying each title as a list with links to the articles and explaining why the user should read them.

Automatically Create Social Media Post Copy when a New Post is Created

Get New WordPress Posts > Create tweet copy > Add to spreadsheet/social media scheduling tool

Generate New Blogs 

Organise article copy in a Google Sheet, feed that into ChatGPT and layup in a WordPress page for moderation.


  • Tone of Voice
  • Audience
  • Title of Blog Post
  • Keywords
  • Sections to include (H2 tag sections)

Get New Google Sheets Row > Create Blog Copy > Create new WordPress page

Analyse your Website’s Page Performance and Prioritise

Combine your website’s performance statistics from a range of services, including Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, Page Speed and SEMRush, and use ChatGPT to analyse the data to suggest improvements, including prioritising your immediate quick wins.

Get Website Data (Google Analytics, Search Console etc) > Add new row in Google Sheet > When a new row is added, send data to ChatGPT with prompt > Post back to Google Sheet with analysis

Workflow Optimization + ChatGPT Integration Use Cases

Empower your team to make use of ChatGPT’s powerful features using the systems they already use.

Interact with ChatGPT via Slack

Create a dedicated ChatGPT Slack channel where team members can ask questions, refine code blocks, request images to be created and much more.

Get New Message from Slack Channel > Process in ChatGPT > Post Response back to Slack Channel

Get New Message from Microsoft Teams Channel > Process in ChatGPT > Post Response back to Microsoft Teams Channel

Support + ChatGPT Integration Use Cases

Leverage ChatGPT to better guide and inform your users about existing support assets when they require Support assistance.

Respond to Chatbot Messenger Requests with Helpdesk Content

When your users are messaging you with support requests you can leverage ChatGPT to provide links to content that can potentially solve their issues while they wait for an agent to respond.

Chatbot Message Received > Is it from a Support Channel? > If Yes, Use ChatGPT to Analyse the Message and Find Matching Documentation > Post the Link and Message back to Chatbot Message

Keep the Team Informed of Completed Support Tickets

Make sure your team knows about their customer support requests by creating summaries of completed helpdesk tickets and adding them to the relevant Company or Deal in your CRM.

Support Ticket Marked Complete > Use ChatGPT to Summarise the Completed Ticket > Find the Correct CRM Object using the Ticket’s Submitter’s Email Address > Create and Post a Note using ChatGPT’s summary

Easily Assist your Overseas Users

Language barriers can make providing support to speakers who don’t share the same native tongue challenging. We can use AI to automatically tackle this, enabling both the customer and support team to communicate in their preferred language without adding additional steps.

Get New Support Ticket > Identify Language with ChatGPT > Add Note of Language Used on Ticket > Translate Ticket with ChatGPT > Send to User Agent

Get User Agent Reply > Translate Ticket with ChatGPT > Send Response to User

Automatically Email a User to Ask for a Review when Good Feedback is Given

Reviews are a major factor in the modern software buying process, so why not automate the process of asking for reviews based on positive NPS feedback?

NPS Survey Score of 8 or Higher Received > Get Details of Recent Support Ticket > Get Details of Review Options from a Google Sheet > Create Email Copy Thanking User for their Feedback & Asking for a Review Using ChatGPT > Create Email Using Copy in your CRM > Send Review Request Email to User

There are limitless possibilities of how you could make use of ChatGPT to enhance your business practices. Cyclr’s ChatGPT Connector enables you to create automation with over 500 ready-made Connectors.

SaaS companies can also use it with their own application, simply through a drag-and-drop interface.

Get in touch with the Cyclr team if you’d like to explore how to add AI technology to your application and integrations.

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