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So you’re providing your users with wonderful time-saving integrations and automation with third-party systems, great work! All of that time looking at your own SaaS platform and how it can work with others will hopefully have revealed some opportunities.

While creating integrations with third-party platforms will delight your users, having a fully featured automation-building tool at your fingertips gives you the added bonus of looking inwards at your own SaaS.

As an API orchestration tool, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be used to add new functionality to your own platform.

Automate Your Own SaaS Application

The ability to create workflows with your own API connector, combined with logic tools for managing data and step-specific scripting. Ideally, for those that want to add even more functionality to their workflows. Gives you the opportunity to develop new functionality for your own SaaS application. All without ripping up your code base or dominating weeks’ worth of Sprints.

The visual drag-and-drop builder allows you to react quickly to user feature requests. As a result, your team can brainstorm, build and publish your new feature in no time at all. Therefore, you‘ll deliver new features without having to perform any major push or risk of downtime. Instead, simply publish it like any of your existing integrations.

Delivering your new feature as a single-click activation, or guiding them through any customisation using a solution such as LAUNCH, gives a great user experience. This is because it lets users customise the setup of your platform to match their business case on a deeper level. As a result, this makes you that extra bit stickier in their operations.

Self Integration Examples

You’re a CRM platform, for example. You have features so your users can manage and track deals, contacts and tasks. Many sales processes take a familiar path, with dedicated team members available to assist at specific stages.

  • So how about offering the ability to automatically create tasks for users when a deal reaches a particular stage?
  • What about automatic checks of your data to ensure vital information is included in each record?
  • Or how about using your own webhook functionality to trigger near-real-time automation functionality?

By viewing your API in a new visual way, you’ll uncover hidden abilities your platform has locked away, giving you the ability to expose and feature them without hours of development time.

If you’d like to discover more functionality hidden with your SaaS get in touch with us to get a demo and free trial of Cyclr.

Take a look at the second part of this article, on automating internal processes for organisational bliss.

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