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26th January 2018

Future Proofed TechnologyWe’re super-excited about a new feature we’re releasing today, “LAUNCH”.

LAUNCH makes delivering new integrations to your users even quicker, with a pre-built integration installation flow that presents itself as a familiar OAuth-style popup from right inside your app.

Integrations are built and published in the same way your used to – using our beautiful drag-and-drop integration builder.

LAUNCHING Your Integrations

When you want to present an integration for consumption within your front end, a single API call returns a unique, one-time URL that you redirect your user to, either full window or via a browser popup.

LAUNCH then takes your user through selecting which integration they wish to install. Cycle tagging enables the displayed list to be based on their location or context within your app – display contact-based integrations when your user clicks from a list of contacts they store in your app, for example.

LAUNCH provides all the user interface required to take your user through authenticating third-party connectors, as well as collecting any parameters required by fields within your integration templates.

Send Your Integration Templates into Orbit

Field names and descriptions specified in our drag-and-drop builder make their way into the LAUNCH, meaning you can influence the look and feel of the installation flow right within the tool you’re already familiar with.

Of course, our full REST API can still be used alongside LAUNCH for when the integration experience demands a 100% custom user interface.

But our LAUNCH beta customers have delivered awesome integration options to their end users via LAUNCH in hours, and praised the flows ability to flex can to seemingly any integration template they can dream up.

We’re really excited about the speed at which SaaS products can now add connectivity to the other apps their users run their businesses on.

You can read the LAUNCH docs here, or if you’re prefer a quick demo just drop us a line and we’ll set up a Zoom / Skype / Hangout to take you through it!

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