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Matt is an experienced SaaS sales representative and currently working at Cyclr an embedded iPaaS software company.

“Our customer base is truly international so I also like the variety of speaking to people all over the world” – Matt Daniels

What does your job at Cyclr entail?

My role at Cyclr entails closing deals to create new partners for Cyclr. These deals can be a result of inbound leads that come from our fantastic marketing team or via our Outbound efforts. These are generated from our Sales Development Representative and self-generation. 

Ultimately, the more deals I close the more I can earn. This is because I get a percentage of the first twelve months of a contract. The bigger the deal the more rewarding it is and it is a great feeling when a deal closes. I get a rush of endorphins that keeps me engaged and wanting to close more. 

What’s the sales process from start to finish?

The sales process looks a little something like this, after we take on the lead, either via discovery or come in. I’ll first set up a call and give a demo tailored to that lead. From this, I loop in technical assistance from the SAs (Solution Architects). We collaborate from both a commercial and product perspective to give the client an experience which we hope to close the deal. 

Once the deal is signed I’ll hand over all the information to a Customer Success Manager who handles the partner’s onboarding.

Where do you work?

For my role, I predominantly work from home, but once a week I come into our office in East Croydon to work with the rest of the sales team and the Co-Founders. All my meetings with prospects are held over Zoom.

How did your role and work life change during the pandemic (if at all?)

In previous roles, I used to have face-to-face meetings with prospects. At Cyclr, this is much less and everything is typically held over Zoom. This makes it much easier to talk to multiple prospects a day although I do miss the personal connection you can make with prospects in face-to-face sales.

What was your journey into your sales role?

After my degree in Accounting and Finance, I went to an open day for a Sales role and was lucky enough to receive several offers.  Next, I took a job as an SDR for an enterprise-style iPaaS provider, where I learnt the benefits of integrations for SaaS companies. I worked there for just over two years before joining Cyclr and became an Account executive closing deals which I have now been doing for just under 3 years

What skills have you developed during your time in your sales role?

During my time at Cyclr, I have managed to hone in and develop my sales skills. I have had the opportunity to learn from people above me at the company and various training courses and facilities. This has not only been sales skills but also managerial training when I proceeded into this role which gave me confidence in managing a team. 

What do you like most about working at Cyclr?

I like Cyclr’s values and the flexibility of the role. I often have early morning calls and evening 

Calls because our customer base is international. Fortunately, working at Cyclr means I can balance it all out with acceptable flex throughout my day.

I also enjoy engaging with our international customer base, I get to speak to a of people all over the world. This means I get to understand different cultures, and having different engagements on a daily basis always keeps me on my toes.

How closely do you work with other team members?

I report directly to the CEO and I get great support and advice from him. I also work closely with the fabulous marketing team who provide me with leads, as well as with the Solutions Architects who provide technical support for prospects. As well as those teams I also work closely with the CSMs. After a partner signs up we pass the client over to our CSM team who will provide the best possible on-boarding experience for the client.

Finally, Cyclr helps people build integrations. What integrations do you rely on in your role?

For my role, I heavily rely on CRM, email marketing, and email and database integrations to allow me to easily stay on top of all of my prospects. Especially feeding this data into our CRM where we can track everything. 

When doing my outreach, this integrated data will enable not just me but my fellow team members to not overlap which all adds up to a huge time-saving in my day-to-day role.

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