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About Hayley: Joined Cyclr in 2020 after working in marketing teams in the eCommerce and education industries. She graduated from Sussex University and has a keen interest in graphic design and content writing. Follow Hayley on LinkedIn


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The First Step to Approaching Integration: Setting the Foundation for Seamless Connectivity

Posted on: 24 Jun 2024

In the fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are increasingly reliant on a myriad… Read Article

Demystifying the Role of API Integration in Data Analytics

Posted on: 17 Jun 2024

The seamless flow of information between systems is crucial for businesses to… Read Article

How to Manage API Versioning: A Technical Guide

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

API versioning is a critical aspect of API development and maintenance. As… Read Article

Accelerating SaaS Onboarding with Seamless Integration

Posted on: 03 Jun 2024

In today’s fast-paced software industry, time is a critical factor that can… Read Article

Webhook Examples: How to use Webhooks for integration

Posted on: 27 May 2024

Definition of a Webhook A webhook is a method used in web… Read Article

Embedded iPaaS: What have we built in the first quarter of 2024?

Posted on: 21 May 2024

We’ve put together a list of some of the new bits and… Read Article

How to create custom connectors with Cyclr

Posted on: 29 Apr 2024

Custom connectors are utilised similarly to prebuilt connectors which have a range… Read Article

What are the pros and cons of using third-party APIs?

Posted on: 22 Apr 2024

APIs are knitting together businesses and the digital world. There are two… Read Article

How Cyclr handles authentication of third-party SaaS applications

Posted on: 15 Apr 2024

Authentication is a crucial pillar of API security and is the process… Read Article

How Cyclr delivers user-configurable integrations

Posted on: 01 Apr 2024

Cyclr is a powerful embedded integration platform used by SaaS and app… Read Article

Connecting SaaS Ecosystems: What is a unified API?

Posted on: 25 Mar 2024

A Unified API and an embedded Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)… Read Article

Meet the Team, Eduardo Martin Reyes Connector Developer

Posted on: 12 Feb 2024

Eduardo is an experienced developer and currently working at Cyclr an embedded… Read Article

How do integration services add value to your business?

Posted on: 05 Feb 2024

Integration Services can add significant value to a business, this is achieved… Read Article

What’s coming up in 2024? Cyclr’s SaaS Predictions for 2024

Posted on: 29 Jan 2024

Was it just us or did we all blink and 2023 was… Read Article

Meet Tariq, one of Cyclr’s Connector Developers

Posted on: 22 Jan 2024

Meet Tariq, a self-taught developer skilled in API Development, Front-End Development, Customer… Read Article

What is a Data Layer?

Posted on: 15 Jan 2024

In the context of integration, a data layer refers to an architectural… Read Article

Why your developers can’t keep up with integration requests (and how to fix it)

Posted on: 08 Jan 2024

Ensuring your software product is fit for purpose, and up to date… Read Article

The Importance of Scalability to an Enterprise

Posted on: 18 Dec 2023

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of business, adaptability is the key… Read Article

Meet the Team, Sophia Manalo QA Engineer

Posted on: 11 Dec 2023

Sophia is an experienced software developer and QA Engineer currently working at… Read Article

Meet the Team, Adrian Wright Platform Developer

Posted on: 13 Nov 2023

Adrian is an experienced Software Developer currently working at Cyclr an embedded… Read Article

Meet the Team, Matt Daniels Account Executive and Head of Outbounding 

Posted on: 23 Oct 2023

Matt is an experienced SaaS sales representative and currently working at Cyclr… Read Article

Is your embedded iPaaS truly embedded?

Posted on: 16 Oct 2023

There has been an increase in embedded iPaaS options of late, designed… Read Article

How to get a sticky SaaS and reduce churn with embedded integration technology

Posted on: 09 Oct 2023

It is time for a short story, and this one is about… Read Article

10 Embedded Integration Examples to Revolutionise Your Enterprise and Tackle Product Integration Expansion

Posted on: 25 Sep 2023

We’ve got a range of embedded integration examples that can be used… Read Article

What is an Embedded iPaaS?

Posted on: 20 Sep 2023

It is a term we first coined way back when Cyclr first… Read Article

What are API Integration Tools?

Posted on: 18 Sep 2023

API integration has become a must-have for a modern business strategy and… Read Article

Cyclr Announces Expansion to Toronto, Canada to Support Rapidly Growing North American Market

Posted on: 12 Sep 2023

Cyclr establishes its newest office in Toronto, enabling the creation of thousands… Read Article

How do you overcome developer burnout? Pssst… Automation Tools!

Posted on: 11 Sep 2023

In the modern software development world with ever-increasing amounts of software solutions… Read Article

What is API Integration?

Posted on: 06 Sep 2023

APIs and API integration are essential aspects of the modern computing world…. Read Article

Why your in-house API integrations aren’t helping you scale (and what to do about it)

Posted on: 04 Sep 2023

The future of SaaS is embedded with the likes of specialised and… Read Article

API Integration and Its Crucial Role in IoT Development

Posted on: 28 Aug 2023

IoT devices are everywhere whether we realise them or not. For instance,… Read Article

How have disruptive technologies shaped the future of software development?

Posted on: 21 Aug 2023

ChatGPT entered the fold in a major way last year, yet AI… Read Article

Meet Joseph, one of Cyclr’s Connector Developers

Posted on: 14 Aug 2023

Joseph is a qualified Mathematics teacher and after many years teaching, and… Read Article

Exploring the Role of iPaaS in Digital Transformation Strategies

Posted on: 31 Jul 2023

Integration is an integral part of digital transformation strategies. This is because… Read Article

Is it the end of Proprietary Software? And the time of Cloud Tech?

Posted on: 24 Jul 2023

Software is everywhere, overwhelmingly so in fact. There are applications for everything… Read Article

Tips for Scaling Your SaaS Solution

Posted on: 03 Jul 2023

Scaling a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution is crucial to accommodate… Read Article

Integration Tools to Enhance Automated Workflows

Posted on: 26 Jun 2023

Push your integrations further with integration tools that can enhance your automation… Read Article

Utilising Embedded iPaaS to Transform Your Product Operations

Posted on: 19 Jun 2023

Embedded iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) are powerful applications that can… Read Article

Cyclr vs. Zapier: Friend or Foe?

Posted on: 14 Jun 2023

What’s the difference and why they shouldn’t be considered the same type… Read Article

Benefits of Hosting your own Internal Hackathon and How to do it

Posted on: 12 Jun 2023

We hosted an internal company-wide hackathon. We set a hackathon theme, date,… Read Article

What does multitenancy mean?

Posted on: 05 Jun 2023

The multitenancy capabilities of a cloud service, embedded iPaaS or SaaS are… Read Article

Meet Cameron, one of Cyclr’s Solution Architects

Posted on: 29 May 2023

Cameron is a Solution Architect with tonnes of knowledge and experience with… Read Article

8 Reasons why you should visit Cyclr at SaaStr

Posted on: 22 May 2023

SaaStr is just around the corner and it is an excellent opportunity… Read Article

Why you’ll want to integrate with Zendesk! 

Posted on: 15 May 2023

What is Zendesk? Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management solution. The… Read Article

Why you should attend and what to expect from SaaStr Europa 2023!

Posted on: 25 Apr 2023

SaaStr Europa is back in London for its 4th event, bringing together… Read Article

APIs vs Webhooks: What are their differences and how do you harness their power with Cyclr?

Posted on: 02 May 2023

APIs and Webhooks are two essential elements for connecting and automating numerous… Read Article

Meet Patrick, one of Cyclr’s Platform Developers

Posted on: 09 May 2023

Patrick joined the Cyclr team after finishing his University degree. He has… Read Article

Integration Scalability as an Engine for Growth

Posted on: 18 Apr 2023

Two critical drivers of a SaaS business’s valuation and attractiveness to prospective… Read Article

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