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Heather Rogerson

At SaaStock we had the chance to chat with Heather Rogerson, FROGED’s Growth Marketer. We wanted to discuss how FROGED approaches marketing to SaaS companies, their priorities when starting out and what they think of the role of integrations when driving engagement. 

FROGED and Heather Rodgerson

Hi, I’m Heather and I am a growth marketer for FROGED a product success platform. We aim to help our B2B customers with subscription-based models, or SaaS platforms to resolve two main issues. These are product adoption and conversion rates as well as reducing churn rate. 

The way we do this is by applying tools to the entire customer lifecycle. For instance, we have everything from support to our live chat widgets, FAQ’s and knowledge base. Then we link in all of the behavioural data to create customised and conditioned behavioural email marketing and product flows as well as onboarding guides.  

Our goal at the minute is to help companies not focus on metrics like churn or satisfaction, but to focus on the right onboarding process from the get-go – if you have successfully onboarded, educated, and proven value to your clients, then why would they churn? Ultimately we want to help SaaS companies focus on a product-led approach rather than a sales-led one. 

How do you approach marketing to SaaS companies?

At the minute my focus is very much on inbound marketing and how this is evolving to work closely with product marketing. To do this we are providing relevant content throughout the different funnel stages, such as onboarding user guides, and behavioural emails, but all based on our Customer Journey and Customer Success metrics.

We are also focused on organic growth as we have seen some of our most successful clients come through organic channels. 

How do you promote your content?

We promote our content on a couple of different channels. Obviously, we use social media as one of our major platforms and we are starting to work with a few different marketplaces. As well as those we have our news platforms where we share our content. 

We have found the most successful way of getting our content out there is through our newsletters and product updates. As well as working with as many different referral companies and partnerships as possible. 

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, so we’ve tried to do as much collaborative work as possible. We talk as well, with a lot of industry experts, and we have a ‘Fireside Chat’ Series on YouTube, where we sit down each month with a different expert from the industry. 

Ultimately, we are trying to provide as much valuable content to our clients as possible.

FROGED is a SaaS product success platform and the image shows the welcome screen where the user can get started.

As a new SaaS business, what would your first priority be in terms of marketing?

For me, my priority would be to start with the tech stack. It is easy to rush in with tools but it is important to have the right tools in place especially to help organic growth. As well as an SEO strategy. I would make sure you’ve got your SEO tech stack right and have the right CMS which will help with scaling eventually. As you don’t want to have to migrate in a year’s time. 

Therefore it is important to take a step back and really consider the tools you want in your tech stack and ensure that they are scalable for the future. Essentially adopting more of a long-term strategy. 

As well as getting your tech stack right you need to produce content. So, when you create one piece of content, whether that is written for a blog, a video or a podcast you need to repurpose it. Turn it into an email, use it as sales enablement or materials and create support docs. I think content is key no matter what format that comes in. 

As well as those priorities I think paid channels if you have a budget to work with are important. If you are a small company then I would still say even paid channels but at a lower volume with longer tail keywords is one of the best ways to get your foot on the ground. As well as looking at what your competitors are doing. 

These days, there are no original ideas – everybody’s done something similar. It is therefore important to take a look at what your competitors are doing and take those ideas and do something different and even better. 

Those are some of the recommendations and priorities I would make in terms of marketing for a new SaaS business. 

From a product point of view, what is your view on integrations and requests and how they drive engagement?

In regards to integrations and engagement, I feel nowadays it depends on the target market, the size of your business and the size of the companies you’re looking to work with. 

We directly incorporate integrations into our even into our pricing structure. We have done this so we can offer certain valuable integrations within our more scalable or growth plans. At the same time, we understand integrations are very important and we still want to include those for all our customers, especially those just getting started. 

Nowadays there are definitely some essential tools that you need to integrate with. For instance your CRM and the different channels you are working with, especially support. I think by offering different integrations your clients are more likely to stay and scale with you. As cheesy as it might sound, you can both grow together. 

Great integrations are incredibly important and even better if you can provide a public API or work with a company that makes custom integrations even easier.

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