Why you should attend SaaStock 2022 and what to expect!

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SaaStock Dublin is back and is the best SaaS conference for founders, executives and investors in Europe.

What is SaaStock? 

SaaStock is a 2-day conference for SaaS founders, executives and investors. The impactful 2-day gathering hosts talks, workshops and boot camps these are designed to spark conversations, build relationships and accelerate opportunities. 

The conference provides you, SaaStock attendees, with the opportunity to learn how to accelerate your revenue, increase growth and scale your business. As well as the opportunity to network with the highest concentration of SaaS companies in Europe.

Why should you attend SaaStock 2022?

Are you still on the fence about attending? We’ve put together some reasons why you should attend and what you can expect. 

Learn from Fellow SaaS Founders, Executives and Experts 

At SaaStock 2022 there will be 100+ hours of content for you to soak up with talks from leading SaaS experts. They will be sharing their knowledge and experience on how to scale and grow your business. 

Opportunities to listen to someone who has been in the same situation as you are somewhat a rarity so take advantage of them. You should wisely organise your time and check out the SaaStock agenda so you can schedule the talks you want to attend in between chatting with fellow SaaS entrepreneurs in the main hall.

Build Relationships and Develop Business Partnerships

SaaStock provides the opportunity to create valuable new connections and expand your network. You’ll be able to have productive and meaningful conversations with potential business partners, prospects and fellow SaaS founders. 

Gain Actionable Insights from Talks and Conversations with fellow SaaS Enthusiasts

With 100+ hours of content and talks about scalability and growth, you’ll be able to gain actionable insights to share with your teams and implement in your business. 

Whether a marketing team attending to generate content by engaging with customers to understand their pain points or tips from SaaS founders. Alternatively, a sales team looking to improve their sales process and build a sales story that wins. Or how SaaS founders can creatively grow their business and double their revenue.

This means there is something for everyone! 

Leverage Event Partners

SaaStock 2022 has 80+ established SaaS partners. You can meet with the teams behind successful software tools to discuss their products and see how they can help grow your business. 

You may even find a new business partner or SaaS co-founder in your midst. 

Gain Visibility and Increase Brand Awareness

SaaStock is all about making real, genuine connections with your SaaS peers. Designed to inspire growth and create better value for your customers, scale up your SaaS business and raise your metrics. 

The highest concentration of SaaS companies in Europe will be there, so take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your product and brand.

Finally, it’s a whole lot of fun! 

What should you expect from SaaStock 2022?

The SaaStock agenda is full of great talks by SaaS leaders we like the look of…

Talk TitleSpeakerRoleSaaS CompanyStage
Let’s talk about the ROI of Content Marketing: The 10 areas of returnTim SouloCMOAHREFSScale Stage
What Bootstrappers do better than venture-backed companiesPatrick CampbellFounder & CEOProfitwellBootstrap Stage
Building durable growth using a product-led strategy: Driving acquisition, retention and expansion at scale Micky Alon Founder & CEOGainsightScale Stage
Breaking America: The Reality of Scaling to SuccessOphelia Brown

Eleonore Crespo
Founder & Partner

Co-Founder & Co-CRO
Blossom Capital

Scale Stage
Supercharging when Scaling: The Journey to competing globallyShelley Perry

Eileen O’Mara

Anna Gong

Nicole Asling

Sherrie Fernandes

Head of Global Sales

Founder & CEO

Head of Global Vertical Partners

Scaleogix Ventures


Perx Technologies

Worldplay From Fis

Globalisation Partners
Scale Stage
Why Community is your Future Growth EngineKieran FlanaganSVP MarketingHubSpotScale Stage

These talks will hopefully provide us with some actionable insights for our content and marketing efforts as well as our scaling efforts. Especially, as we focus on expanding our presence in the US market.

You can see SaaStock’s full agenda and all the talks by SaaS founders here.

Cyclr will be there!

Cyclr is attending SaaStock 2022 and we have partnered with the conference so you’ll be able to find us on stand G1 right next to the entrance (see the map below).

Head over and chat with us about all things integration, grab some merch and plant some trees. 

If you want to make sure you have a chance to chat with us you can book a meeting with us here.

SaaStock 2022 Floorplan
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