Great SaaS Sales Blogs to Follow

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Looking for some SaaS sales advice and resources? This is our pick of the blogs and sites that we turn to when we’re looking for recommendations, top tips and inspiration.

SaaS-focused sites

SaaStr provides the largest family of events for business software. Content-wise, there’s a lot to choose from, including a blog, Q&A, videos, podcasts and a community. The blog provides advice on structuring your sales reps, a good model for SaaS product sales commission, and how to make your sales development representatives perform better.

SaaS Mag is a quarterly SaaS publication for those working in or interested in the industry. It’s not specifically sales-focused and its blog doesn’t have a specific Sales category but there’s plenty of advice and interviews with SaaS company founders so there’s useful content to be gleaned from these.

A couple of useful SaaS sales-specific resources to have to hand are Quora’s SaaS sales category group, as is the hashtag #saassales on Twitter for finding useful and relevant content and advice. @saasjournal is relatively new but is publishing lots of SaaS sales news, trends and insights.

The Gartner Blog Network delivers insight from Gartner experts to equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools. Its blog has plenty of content but no category filter so you’ll need to scroll through to find relevant articles. You can also look at the dedicated Sales page for articles, research, webinars and trends.

Sales and CRM sites

Sales Hacker describes itself as the ‘world’s largest community for B2B sales’ so you might have heard of this one. It is a community which means you have to join, but once you’ve done that you can post, comment and vote on any B2B sales topic. There is so much great content here, from articles to podcasts and webinars. There’s also ‘Conversations’, a forum for users to ask for advice. We’ve found that, although not specifically SaaS-focused, the sales advice is transferable, whatever industry you work in.

There are plenty of good blogs on the websites of CRM providers. wins the prize for the best use of images in a blog, using movie stills to great effect to illustrate each blog post’s themes. Not only that but it covers a whole range of sales topics including sales process, sales teams, sales calling, sales emails and sales SMS, so we think their content is as good as its cover.

Pipedive’s blog is a good one to visit for sales advice, with advice on selling and scaling; improving sales; and scaling up. Their content is actionable, and the blog posts are visual and easy to read.

Nimble is a CRM for Office 365 and G Suite teams, and its blog has some useful sales advice, as well as covering other areas including social selling, marketing, and social media.

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Another CRM provider, Capsule, has a whole category dedicated to sales on its blog, with advice on building and maintaining a winning sales process and how to improve sales conversion rates.

Finally SaaS giant Salesforce’s blog has some advice on adapting for the ‘new normal’, as well as stories with real life trailblazers for improved customer satisfaction, knowledge-sharing and stakeholder engagement.

Predictable Revenue provides outbound sales development. They have a blog, podcast, webinars and eBooks packed full of useful sales advice. The blog has advice on everything from ensuring that your sales email don’t end up in the Spam folder to re-establishing growth, and it’s updated regularly.

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