Embedded Marketplace – New Feature Release – What is it?

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At #SaaStock19 we revealed and released a new BETA feature in the Cyclr embedded iPaaS application: Embedded Marketplace.

This is a new UI tool to help you rapidly create, manage and deploy integrations seamlessly and in seconds directly in your SaaS application.

Embedded Integration Marketplace for SaaS Applications

The Embedded Marketplace is an optional add-on within the Cyclr application and has some key features:

  • Flexible hierarchy – so you can structure your marketplace by application type, applications themselves or integrations 
  • Customisable styling – flexible CSS so that you can customise the ‘look and feel to fit your own design cues
  • Embeddable – present seamlessly via iframe within your application
  • All-encompassing – As we develop the marketplace BETA we will be rolling out functionality to allow you to publish your existing integrations alongside integrations built inside Cyclr, providing a unified integration experience regardless of the integration methodologies you’ve chosen
Sentori Integration Marketplace
Your Marketplace can be embedded directly into your SaaS application

Embedded Marketplace sits firmly within the Cyclr application suite and remains true to our principles of low-code.

Cyclr also supports the deployment of Launch/Orbit, for simple integration delivery, as well as the capabilities for you to create a fully Custom UI.

You can learn more about our new Embedded Marketplace feature here.

If you would like a demo of the new feature then please get in touch with either your Cyclr contact or book a time to speak here.

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