Where does the role of the integrator sit within your business?

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This is an interesting question.

Is integration a developer role?

Or is integration linked to customer satisfaction and customer success?

Is integration in effect a commercial/client-facing role?

Our view? It is all of the above. Not just a developer challenge, but a challenge that is shared between developers, customer success and commercial.

Though that is not a view shared across all integration toolkit providers.

It is in fact one of the features that sets us apart as an integration platform. Our visual workflow builder (or GUI – Graphical User Interface) approach means that integration can be a shared responsibility across your enterprise.

Updating contact data integration workflow

Other platforms focus purely on the developer.

With Cyclr your customer success team can deliver the solution, product management can deliver the solution or, of course, developers can deliver the solution.

We are designed as an embedded iPaaS solution. A solution that you use to deliver integrations to your own end-users. We are built from the ground up for ‘simplicity first, complexity by design’. We know that integration is all about end-user satisfaction. We have designed the Cyclr toolkit to be usable by people who understand the problem being resolved, not just people who understand the code. In integration geek terms, we have always been designed with the ‘citizen integrator’ in mind.

“Why buy a development toolkit to save development time and only have it usable by developers?”

That is not to diminish the fact that, if you want to, you can operate Cyclr completely via our own API, you can write script into our connectors and into workflows. In effect you can use Cyclr as a developer tool. We are developers and we are developer proud.

But you can also use it across the business.

The result? Developer time can be freed-up. Commercial teams can delivery prototypes and solutions without disrupting development processes. Integration can be focussed on customer satisfaction.

If you are assessing an embedded iPaaS platform, ask yourself the question – “If I am going to improve integration development and management, where do I want responsibility to preside? Is it developer only or is it shared?” – if it is the latter we should be speaking.

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