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What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management solution. The application provides customisable tools so users can build a branded customer service portal, knowledge base and even online community. The software offers live chat features and integration capabilities with popular SaaS apps such as Salesforce.

What are the benefits of customer service software?

There are a number of benefits to customer service software, and even more so when they are integrated with other SaaS applications in your tech stack

Firstly, they encourage conversational experiences and interactions between customers and organisations. As a result, the organisation can give them the best and most timely support necessary.

With these applications, they provide a single view of customers and the ability to customise the experience across the entire customer journey. As well as the ability for teams across an organisation to stay in sync with each other about a customer and act when the health isn’t optimal or at risk.

Often customer service software is scalable as it can integrate with numerous other software applications. As well as be easy to use for both customers and users. This is because platforms such as these are increasingly providing tools to self-serve. These typically look like online portals or community forums.

How can customer service platforms like Zendesk be even better? By integrating them with other applications in your stack. We’ll explain how Cyclr can help with this.

What would an integration with Zendesk look like via an embedded iPaaS?

Integration is powerful and can change the way an organisation runs as well as aid its digital transformation strategy. Therefore, one key platform to build integrations with is a customer service application like Zendesk. As this will automate many manual processes, provide a unified customer view and improve customer experience.

For instance, an integration via an embedded iPaaS with Zendesk could look like adding ticket notes to a customer profile on a CRM. Teams will then benefit from the ability to stay in sync as this is accessible to sales and customer success who can track and monitor the health of the partner. 

Another example could be to import Zendesk ratings into a customer experiences application like TrustPilot or G2. There is an endless amount of integration possibilities, especially as the Cyclr Zendesk connector has lots of methods and endpoints for you to try out.

Zendesk Use Cases with Cyclr, an Embedded iPaaS

Here are some more examples of what you could do with our Zendesk connector and Cyclr.


  • Add notes to CRM company/deal records from unresolved/resolved support tickets
  • Create new leads in your CRM from support tickets
  • Update support tickets when deals move through your CRM pipeline
  • Add a note to the customer account when a support ticket is logged
  • Get customer details when a support ticket from an existing customer is submitted


  • Add new email messages to support as tickets
  • Get a chat notification from new support tickets
  • Update customer ticket once the issue has been fixed and send confirmation chat message


  • Create new support tickets from new sales form entries
  • Add new social lead ads as support tickets

Benefits of using an embedded iPaaS to integrate with Zendesk

There are many benefits to using an embedded iPaaS such as Cyclr as your integration solution. But if we had to focus on two key benefits, we’d say the ability to build natively and low/no-code tool. 

Building natively in other words enables you to transform your API from backend to frontend, from developer-focused to business-user focused. This means you’ll have the functionality to deliver native integrations from within your own application and add value to your end-users. As a result, you’ll be responsive to the needs of your clients.

Next, low-code and no-code tools are another key benefits of embedded iPaaS solutions. As these tools empower citizen integrations to design and build integrations with drag-and-drop tools. This means they don’t have to stress about knowing how to code, taking up development time and the customer experience. As integrations can be built and published via an embedded marketplace into your app. Your end-users can then search and deploy these integrations in a couple of clicks.

Don’t use Zendesk?

Not to worry we’ve got tonnes of other support and customer service applications in our library!

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