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Native integration between your SaaS app & your users essential business & organisational tools, including:

Enhance Your Platform With Your Own Embedded Integration Platform

With users requiring more and more integration options to allow your SaaS Startup application to exist within their software stack, the task of creating, publishing and maintaining integrations can be an endless task. With so many software options out there, the task of integration can become a major development burden, holding your application back from becoming fully realised.

This is where Cyclr comes in. Much like using a billing platform to handle your subscriptions, Cyclr offers integration as a service, giving you all of the tools to create and publish integrations natively, within your app.

The Cyclr platform can also add extra functionality to your applications, using your API to automate tasks and create new, unique user experiences.

SaaS Startup Use Cases

Work With The Big Boys

While it takes time to build up your name and reputation it shouldn’t be an excuse for not mixing with the big boys. Working with market leading platforms is a great way to expose yourself to wider customer base, partake in partner programs and give your users the ability to embed your platform into their vial business processes.

The best way to work with these SaaS unicorns is to make your application compatible with them – natively. By baking in these integrations into your app you extend its usability, function and add to the benefits it offer.

Extend Your Internal Functionality

As well as giving you a visual platform to connect your SaaS application’s API to other external services, the same tools can be used to manipulate data and create new processes in your internal API.

The automation building tools included in Cyclr let you create workflows that let you provide new functionality (such as automatic, condition based rules for managing data, users or accounts), being published in your app and activated by your users in a single click.

Easing User Setup

As soon as a new app comes out covering a new, unexplored niche, it is shortly followed by wave of contenders, all vying to become the niche market leader. Many users will pick an app and stick with it, regardless if your app has superior functionality, a more compelling price point or better support, due to the hassle of switching and managing their data during the transition.

By integrating with your competitors in your niche, you can provide premade import workflows that make the process of switching providers as easy as clicking a button.

SaaS Startup Case Studies

Removing the Reliance on 3rd Party Applications to Serve Integrations

Integration and automation is now a standard expectation of most users, even if you don’t directly support it, they’ll find a way of using your API. The vast majority will go to a 3rd party integration provider and while this hands off approach may work for you it does expose your users to your competitors, as well as making you miss out on potential revenue opportunities. So what’s the solution? Serving your clients integration needs from within your app! Cyclr’s platform gives you the ability to create, manage and publish integrations wherever your users need them.

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