Add Automation Services to your Salesforce Service Integrator Package with your own White Labelled Integration Platform

As one of the most widely used and feature-rich CRM systems out there, Salesforce comes in many guises for its users. System integrators have become integral to ensuring setup, migration and training match the users’ business case. But how can such a comprehensive system be further embedded into a business’ current working practices?

By integrating it with the business’ current essential applications. Cyclr gives Salesforce Integrators the ability to create and manage integrations with their customers’ Salesforce setups from within their own white labelled integration platform; giving their customers the ability to create their own automation workflows or build and manage them for them – all without code.

Salesforce Integrator Use Cases

Create & Manage Bespoke Segments for your Customers

Boost your customers’ email marketing open rates and reconvert existing customers with new products by creating your own marketing automation workflows. Provide your customers with workflows that sends completed orders from eCommerce stores to their email marketing platform, creating custom segments based around the products they purchase. Use these segments to send product centric messages and increase your customers’ ROI.

Automatically Sending Sales Emails Based on Deal Stages

Your users’ customers like to be kept in the loop at all stages of a deal. This can lead to significant resource hogging, tying up your sales team with loops of monotonous email updates. These processes can be automated, triggering customer focused emails when a particular stage of a deal, completion of a support task or particular action in your own application is reached; creating a more timely, streamlined service that frees up sales staff to focus on sales, not their inbox.

Enrich the Data Entering your Customer’s CRM

Whether it’s adding contact details from website enquiries to your Saleforce CRM or updating email marketing lists, with Cyclr you can create automation workflows that let you send your data to where you need it most.  Incorporating third party services such as FullContact in these workflows provide additional information about your customers, giving you a better understanding of their wants, drives and circumstances before your sales team make contact.

Salesforce Integrator Case Study

Offering Automation As Add-on Services to Salesforce Management Packages

As CRMs are central to how businesses operate, integrators are exposed to the innermost business processes that tie organisations together. The process of setting up a Salesforce instance can reveal other areas that can benefit from a more finessed approach; but with different departments often working on separate systems finding a way to merge this fragmented approach can be a headache to manage. This is where Cyclr offers pain relief; giving integrators their own platform that ties together orphaned systems, in a managed, code-free environment. Our integration platform gives you a console where you can manage all of your clients integration and automation needs, while directly tying them to their Salesforce system, so everyone in the company is on the same page.

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