Cyclr's tools and products power the API economy

Our founding team came from backgrounds in integration and marketing automation. Having developed in-house bespoke integrations between customer databases and marketing channels, they were convinced that there was a better and more scalable way to resolve integration and automation challenges.

We realised quickly that the integration challenges of one SaaS company (or application developer) are the same as the next SaaS company’s challenges which are the same as the next, as the next, as the next…..

These days companies don’t typically build their own hosting stack, charging engine, messaging engine, email system…….. you get the gist. They focus on core capabilities and use, predominantly invisible to end-users, expert solution providers in each non-core domain.

We believed that integration should be handled in the same way. We wanted to provide an Integration Platform as a Service (‘IPaaS’) solution with ready built connectors and automation capabilities that can be used by development teams to quickly and cost effectively stand-up and run connectors, integrations and workflows. We also knew that it was critical that the UX be delivered in a way that it can be seamlessly skinned within any application. One-click integrations would be critical and Cyclr should be completely invisible.

By doing this we believed that end-users could be kept close and that the time and financial cost to deliver solutions could be better controlled.

Cyclr was born.

We benefited greatly from an academic partnership with the University of Brighton. The goal was the development of a visual language that could be used to build and describe diverse business processes.

Today Cyclr is a growing company and has enabled the creation of hundreds of apps, saving its customers thousands of hours of wasted human capital. As our connector library continues to grow, we are offering new integration possibilities for our customers every day.

We are based between Eastbourne and London but Cyclr has customers in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

We would love to talk you about how Cyclr can be an alternative way for you to delight your end-users through the efficient delivery of automations and integrations.