Cyclr's tools and products power the API economy


Our founding team came from backgrounds in integration and marketing automation. Having developed bespoke integrations between customer databases and marketing channels, they were convinced that there was a better way.

In 2014, Ian (our founder and CEO) built a proof of concept interface for a drag and drop workflow builder. Although the goal was a tool usable for consulting work around marketing automation, its potential as a standalone integration product was immediately clear.

To take things forward, the business needed a headstart to get into the market quickly. To assist this, Cyclr benefited from a grant from Innovate UK and an academic partnership with the Unversity of Brighton. The goal was the development of a visual language that could be used to build and describe diverse business processes.

Benefiting from field-leading academics, Cyclr’s visual integration builder took shape.

Recognising the potential of our technology, Cyclr sought and received capital investment in order to further realise the vision of a commercial product. Early-stage investors included angels, Creative England’s equity fund, and key support from Preparation Capital.

Today Cyclr is a growing company and has enabled the creation of hundreds of apps, saving its customers thousands of hours of wasted human capital. As our connector library continues to grow, we are offering new integration possibilities for our customers every day.

Cyclr has customers in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.