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Cyclr is young, but a young company that has been developing its’ product since 2013. We were one of the very first to market with an embedded iPaaS solution and we benefit from those years of development effort and testing. Our solution is comprehensive, scalable and rich in function. It also starts from the premise of ‘simplicity first’. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that it is difficult to deliver complex systems simply……


Cyclr was spun-out of another technology business and our founding team come from backgrounds in integration and marketing automation. We were convinced that there was a better and more scalable way to resolve integration and automation challenges.


The principles of ‘agility’, ‘reusability’, ‘scalability’ and ‘simplicity’ are core to the application we set-out to develop.


“We want Cyclr to become the utility company of the API economy, providing pipes and infrastructure.”


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Today Cyclr is a growing company and has enabled the creation of hundreds of apps, saving its customers thousands of hours of wasted human capital. As our connector library continues to grow, we are offering new integration possibilities for our customers every day.


We are based between Eastbourne and Brighton, London, but Cyclr has customers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

We would love to talk you about how Cyclr can be an alternative way for you to delight your end-users through the efficient delivery of automations and integrations.

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