Cyclr’s 2021 – A Growing Embedded iPaaS

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As any blog reviewing 2021 must note, it was not the best of years for many reasons and for many people. Our biggest success of the year was undoubtedly getting through the year relatively unscathed. We sincerely hope you have had as good a year as possible in the circumstance and, especially where you haven’t, we wish you all the best for a much better 2022.

All being said, however, 2021 was a good year for us as a business with some notable highlights that we wanted to share with you. Cyclr is a young company, with a focussed product in a new market (Embedded iPaaS). 2021 can be characterised as the year that we really started to double down on our strong foundations.

The highlights of the year that we wanted to share with you are as follows:

  • Team growth of 57% from 23 to 36
  • 121 new connectors added to take our Connectivity Library to over 400
  • Many, many product feature enhancements…………
  • SOC2 Level 1 compliance audit completed
  • Just under 3x API calls processed than in 2020
  • Fourth hosting centre in APAC set-up for our Start-Up and Growth Plans
  • Microsoft Azure launched as an additional deployment option for our Scale plans
  • Over 3,000 support questions answered
  • New investment capital of £2.25m received
  • Two new offices opened in London (Croydon) and Brighton
  • New community site feature rolled out
  • 65 new blog articles for your delectation
  • Announced as third in TechRound’s top SaaS finalists for 2021
  • Consistent strong performance as a High Performer and Momentum Leader in the G2 Crowd quarterly reports and rankings

But more than anything we have enjoyed working with partners new and old. We have continued to learn from each and every partner and this has helped us improve Cyclr as both a product and as a company. Thank you.

Our aims for our embedded iPaaS going into 2022

Heading into the new year we are aiming to grow as a team even further with a target headcount of 60 by year-end (keep an eye on our recruitment page!). We will also soon break through 500 connectors, expect to handle over a billion API calls, continue to double down on our SOC2 compliance efforts and have some exciting product features up our sleeve.

If you haven’t yet considered Embedded iPaaS as a way to increase your speed to market and agility in integration delivery then now is the time. Reach out to us, let’s have a chat and we look forward to trying to persuade you to join us on our exciting journey.

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

The Cyclr Team

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