API Integration Without Code

Use our workflow builder to connect and orchestrate your apps.
Share data, take actions, make decisions, and much more.

Our professional services team can also create integrations for you.

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Become an automation genius

Cyclr is an iPaaS (integration platform as a service) for business users. Use the features of our workflow builder to automate and integrate apps in our connector library.


Easily integrate your apps, do more with your data

Almost all of the software and services you run your business can be connected to sync their data and trigger actions. Cyclr makes it simple to make those connections.


Create multi app, multi step workflows

Connect many apps into a seamless workflow, spanning unlimited steps. With Cyclr's beautiful workflow builder it's easy to visualise and build even complex processes.


Take different actions based on your data

Cyclr makes it easy to branch your workflows using simple rules. For example: if a customer purchase value is greater than a certain amount then add them to a special email marketing list.


Right action, right time

Use a Delay step to pause your workflows for a set period of time (e.g. 3 days) or use a Wait Until step to wait for a specifc date or time before the next action is taken.


Monitor your workflows

Cyclr monitors your workflows and the APIs of all the apps we connect. If something breaks, we notify you immediately. Our reports can show you data moving through your workflows.

Developer Tools

Create custom connectors

Automate and integrate your own apps with our simple connector tools and scripting. Deliver integrations using our platform's infrastructure, reporting, and easy maintenance.

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