What is GoTo Webinar?

From remote employee trainings to hybrid all-hands; pre-recorded product demos to multi-day conferences – GoTo Webinar makes events easy.

Provide automations with our GoTo Webinar connector

Enhance your SaaS connectivity with Goto Webinar integrations. Using Cyclr you can connect, build, deploy and monitor all native integrations in your SaaS application.

Why integrate with GoTo Webinar

Your SaaS users want more and more integrations, but they take time and development resources to create. Which is why Cyclr’s white label, embedded iPaaS enables you to create integrations between your application and GoTo Webinar, as well as 100s of other apps, using low code tools.

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Available Methods and Endpoints

Get Webinar
Retrieve information on a specific webinar.
List Webinars
Returns upcoming and past webinars for the currently authenticated organizer that are scheduled within the specified date/time range.
Get Webinar Start URL
Retrieves a URL that can be used to start a webinar.
List Webinar Attendees
Returns all attendees for all sessions of the specified webinar.
List New Webinar Registrants
Retrieve registration details for all registrants of a specific webinar created since the last successful run.
List Webinar Registrants
Retrieve registration details for all registrants of a specific webinar.
Get Attendee
Retrieve registration details for a particular attendee of a specific webinar session.

Do you want to access something that's not currently listed?

Just let us know and we can add it to the connector for you!

Top Use Cases for GoTo Webinar Integrations

Cyclr is a powerful low-code integration platform that allows your teams to use low code tools to build data responsive integrations for your customers. Then quickly and seamlessly deploy them directly into your SaaS application.


  • When a new milestone has been triggered send a channel message
  • Post new commits to channel message

Some of the many benefits of using Cyclr as your integration solution



Transform your API from backend to frontend, from developer focused to business user focused.

Deliver integrations natively from within your own application and add value to your end-users.

Build Quickly

Build Quickly

Add connectivity in days, not months. So you can add transformative technology to your system in no time at all.

Be responsive to the needs of your clients and your sales team.

No code integrations

No code integrations

Use our drag and drop integration builder to create integrations, then click to publish them to your app.

Your users can then search and deploy these integrations in a couple of clicks.

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