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Kanbanize Connector Methods


Log TimeThis method allows you to log time to a Task. Action


Get ProjectsThis method allows you to get the details of all Projects. Action


List TasksThis method will return all tasks. Action
Get TaskThis method will return details of the requested Task. Action
Update TaskThis method will allow you to update the details of a task. Action
Add TaskThis method will allow you to create a new task. Action
Delete TaskThis method will delete a Task. Action
Move TaskThis method will move a task. Action
Archive TaskThis method will archive a task. Action
Block TaskThis method will block a task. Action
Unblock TaskThis method will unblock a task. Action
Add Task CommentThis method will add a comment to a task. Action


Add SubtaskThis method will add a subtask. Action
Update SubtaskThis method will update a subtask. Action


Get Board SettingsThis method will get settings of a Board. Action
Get Board Structure FullThis method will get full structure pf a Board. Action
Get Board ActivitiesThis method will get activities associated with a Board. Action


Get Board LinksThis method will return links for a board. Action
Edit LinkThis method will edit a link. Action
Get Task LinksThis method will return links for a task. Action

Custom Fields

Edit Custom FieldThis allows you to edit a Custom Field. The Custom Field must already exist. Action
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