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Kanban Software for Lean Management See your department and company workflows at a glance. Visualize dependencies. Make your work flow.

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Create automations with our Kanbanize connector

Save resources and improve efficiency across departments with reliable integrations to Kanbanize. Cyclr’s low code tools can help you build reliable, and efficient native integrations. Using Cyclr’s embedded marketplace you can deploy the integrations natively in your SaaS applications for your teams or for your end-users.

Why integrate with Kanbanize

Integrate with Kanbanize using Cyclr for agility at scale. Enable your customers to gain visibility across their projects, connect their planning with execution for faster delivery, and optimise their business with automation directly in your SaaS application. Connect your SaaS with Kanbanize to help your customers align their day-to-day work with their business strategy.

Available Methods and Endpoints

Log Time
This method allows you to log time to a Task.
Get Projects
This method allows you to get the details of all Projects.
List Tasks
This method will return all tasks.
Get Task
This method will return details of the requested Task.
Update Task
This method will allow you to update the details of a task.
Add Task
This method will allow you to create a new task.
Delete Task
This method will delete a Task.
Move Task
This method will move a task.
Archive Task
This method will archive a task.
Block Task
This method will block a task.
Unblock Task
This method will unblock a task.
Add Task Comment
This method will add a comment to a task.
Add Subtask
This method will add a subtask.
Update Subtask
This method will update a subtask.
Get Board Settings
This method will get settings of a Board.
Get Board Structure Full
This method will get full structure pf a Board.
Get Board Activities
This method will get activities associated with a Board.
Edit Custom Field
This allows you to edit a Custom Field. The Custom Field must already exist.

Do you want to access something that's not currently listed? Just let us know and we can add it to the connector for you!

What Methods do you Need?

Top Use Cases for Kanbanize Integrations

Create reusable and scalable integrations with Cyclr’s low code tools without adding to your developer backlog. Cyclr provides you with the tools to connect, build and deploy integrations into your SaaS platform that serve your customers integration needs.


  • Save new project management card attachments to collaboration tools
  • Send email when collaboration files have updated and moved the project management card

Product Management

  • Create new project management tasks from new or moved product management cards

Some of the many benefits of using Cyclr as your integration solution



Transform your API from backend to frontend, from developer focused to business user focused.

Deliver integrations natively from within your own application and add value to your end-users.

Build Quickly

Build Quickly

Add connectivity in days, not months. So you can add transformative technology to your system in no time at all.

Be responsive to the needs of your clients and your sales team.

No code integrations

No code integrations

Use our drag and drop integration builder to create integrations, then click to publish them to your app.

Your users can then search and deploy these integrations in a couple of clicks.

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