Integrate MailChimp

Provide your users with in-app integration with MailChimp


This connector provides basic functionalities for connecting to MailChimp.

Connector Methods


Get CampaignsGet all campaigns in an account. Action
Get Campaign DetailsGet information about a specific campaign. Action
Create CampaignCreate a Campain. Campaigns are how you send emails to your MailChimp list. Action
Update Campaign ContentUpdate Campaign Content Action
Send CampaignSend a MailChimp campaign. For RSS Campaigns, the campaign will send according to its schedule. All other campaigns will send immediately. Action
Schedule CampaignSchedule a campaign for delivery. If you’re using Multivariate Campaigns to test send times or sending RSS Campaigns, use the send action instead. Action
Send Test Campaign EmailSend a test email. Action


Get ListsGet all lists in the account. Action
Get List InformationGet information about a specific list. Action
Get List MembersGet information about members in a specific MailChimp list. Action
Get List MemberGet information about a specific list member. Action
Get List Member ActivityGet the last 50 events of a member’s activity on a specific list, including opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. Action
Create ListCreate a new list in your MailChimp account. Action
Update ListUpdate the settings for a specific list. Action
Delete ListDelete a list from your MailChimp account. If you delete a list, you'll lose the list history. You'll also lose subscribers' email addresses, unless you exported and backed up your list. Action
Add List MemberAdd a new member to the list. Action
Update List MemberUpdate information for a specific list member. If you want to update the email address, please use Add or Update method. Action
Remove List MemberDelete a member from a list. Action
Add or Update List MemberUpdate information for a specific list member. Action

List Segments

Get SegmentsGet information about all available segments for a specific list. Action
Get SegmentGet information about a specific segment. Action
Create SegmentCreate a new segment in a specific list. Only static segments are supported. Action
Update SegmentUpdate a specific segment in a list. Action


Get Abuse ReportsGet the first 10 abuse reports by date for a specific list. This method is not directly available but is used to provide a scan feature in others. Action
Get Abuse ReportGet a specific abuse report associated with a specific campaign. Action
Get Campaign URLsGet a list of URLs in a MailChimp campaign. Action
Get ClickersGet information about list members who clicked on a specific link in a campaign. Action
Get ClickerGet information about a specific subscriber who clicked a link in a specific campaign. Action
Get Campaign ReportsGet campaign reports. Action
Get Campaign ReportGet report details for a specific sent campaign. Action
Get Campaign KPIGet information about campaign recipients. Action
Get Campaign RecipientGet information about a specific campaign recipient. Action
Get Campaign UnsubscribesGet information about contacts who have unsubscribed from a specific campaign. Action
Get Contact UnsubscribeGet information about a specific list member who unsubscribed from a campaign. Action
Get Campaign Member ActivityGet a specific list member’s activity in a campaign including opens, clicks, and bounces. Action
Get Campaign ActivityGet a list of member’s subscriber activity in a specific campaign. Action
Get Campaign SummaryGets number of times a campaign was opened, clicked or bounced Action

List Interest Categories

Get InterestsGet all interests for the a list category. Action
Get Interest CategoriesGet all intrest catagories for a list. Action

eCommerce Stores

Get StoreReturns the details of the specifed eCommerce Store. Action
Delete StoreDeletes the specifed eCommerce Store. Action
Update StoreUpdates fhe deatils of an eCommerce Store. Action
List StoresReturns a list of all ecommerce stores. Action
Create StoreCreates a new eCommerce Store. Action

eCommerce Customers

List CustomersRetuns a listing of eCommerce Customers in the specified Store. Action
Get CustomerGets details of the speified Customer. Action
Add CustomerAdds a new Customer. Action
Delete CustomerDeletes the speified Customer. Action
Update CustomerUpdate a Customer's details. Action

eCommerce Products

List ProductsReturns a list of Product Images from the speficied eCommerce Store. Action
Get ProductGets details of the specified Product Action
List Product VariantsReturns a list of Product Variants from the speficied eCommerce Store. Action
Get Product VariantGets details of the speified Product Variant. Action
Create ProductCreates a new Product Image & Variants Action
Delete ProductDeletes the speified Product. Action
Create Product VariantCreates a new Product Variants Action
Delete Product VariantDeletes the speified Product Variant. Action

eCommerce Orders

List OrdersReturns a list of orders from the speficed eCommerce Store. Action
Get OrderGets details of the speified Order. Action
Create OrderCreates an Order. Action
Delete OrderDeletes the speified Order. Action
Update OrderUpdates an Order. Action

eCommerce Carts

List CartsReturns a list of Carts. Action
Get CartGets the details of the specified cart. Action
Create CartCreates a Cart. Action
Delete CartDeletes a Cart. Action
Update CartUpdates a Cart. Action

List Metadata

List Merge FieldsShow all Merge Fields for the specified List ID Action
Get Merge Field By IDGet the details of the specified Merge Field by its ID. Action
Create Merge FieldAdds a merge fields to a specified list. Action
Get Merge Field By TagGet the details of the specified Merge Field by its tag. Exits down the true path if the merge field exists, or the false path if it doesn't. Action


List SubscribeGet a notification of when a contact subscribes to a list. Webhook
List UnsubscribeNotifies when someone unsubscribes from a list. Webhook
Profile UpdateGet a notification of when a contact profile is updated. Webhook
Email Address ChangeGet a notification of when a contact email address changes. Webhook
Cleaned EmailsGet a notification of an address that has hard or soft bounced so removed from list of active subscribers. Webhook
Campaign Sending StatusThe status of a campaign. Webhook


Set List Member TagsAdd or remove tags from a list member. Action
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