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Email isn’t dead. We know a lot of people reading this won’t agree with us. But, the fact remains that email marketing is still a very important strategy. If it wasn’t still effective, why would Mailchimp and other tools still be so popular?

Email marketing is a technique that leverages the power of email to process customers through each stage of your sales funnel. Usually, this requires an email sequence. This sequence will include several different email messages with a common marketing message.

The goal is to build brand awareness and a buying emotion with every email. Each email also counts as a “touch” in the marketing world. This is part of the reason why an email can be so effective. It allows you to constantly put your message in front of your customer in a way that escalates your brand voice and storey.

One of the most important parts of email marketing is your list. Some companies can have lists of repeat customers that span hundreds of thousands of names. These lists can be incredibly valuable.

That’s where tools like Mailchimp come in as one of your company’s most important digital assets, and even more so when the application is integrated with your SaaS. 

Mailchimp: A Top Email Marketing Tool

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool to help businesses market more effectively. The software platform allows you to perform several crucial marketing functions. The platform started about 20 years ago when the founders decided that the email marketing space called for something different. Something more personal and more automated at the same time.

Both founders first joined forces at Rocket Science Group, a web design agency. While Ben and Dan worked at Rocket Science by day, they were designing an amazing email marketing service on the side.

They wanted to design something that could replace the bulky, expensive email marketing platforms of the early 2000s. What they ended up designing is Mailchimp which millions know and love today.

Their love of small business has been part of the application journey since the beginning. Ben’s mother owned a small hair salon where he grew up and Dan’s parents ran a bakery. That passion for hard-working business owners transitioned over into Mailchimp as it evolved.

Ben and Dan also found that working for small businesses gave them more flexibility. They could adapt the platform faster and focus more on serving their customers’ needs.

Mailchimp Takes Off

In 2007, things were starting to take off. People were in love with what the platform could do for their email marketing. As a result, crowds of customers requested that Ben and Dan expand Mailchimp Magic to several other channels.

Today, Mailchimp puts its own personal, innovative touch on a variety of marketing strategies. Now, it helps business owners with shoppable landing pages and social posting, and they even provide clients with a marketing CRM. They will also help with postcards, websites, and smart content tools.

Ben and Dan started the company but now they’ve started to play in the same pool as the big boys. Mailchimp was recently bought out by the software company Intuit. They spent $12 billion to buy the platform. While it’s true that’s a large price tag, Mailchimp still brings the spirit of small business to your marketing efforts.

Be a Marketing Expert With Mailchimp

Mailchimp has an abundance of useful marketing tools and features, one of which is A/B split testing. The feature allows you to split a particular marketing campaign between multiple segments of your list. Done within the platform where you’ll be able to send both versions of the newsletter to your list segments and watch your analytics all from your central Mailchimp dashboard.

One of the most time-tested quotes for marketers is, “test and track everything”. Data is key when it comes to marketing. You’ll want to see how every change you make to a particular campaign affects your audience’s response.

But, Mailchimp doesn’t have to work alone. Using Mailchimp’s API framework, you can add integrations that will take your marketing efforts to the next level. Once you implement integrations you’ll be able to track all of your marketing KPIs in one dashboard. You’ll also be able to run email marketing campaigns like a pro.

You can add integrations to schedule campaigns, get notified when people subscribe, and trigger emails based on customer details for hyper email personalisation. Integration platforms like Cyclr can provide further integration capabilities to help you get even more in-depth campaign reports, and enhance your connectivity. 

Get Your Business Noticed

The platform is designed with low-code tools where users can design stunning email marketing pieces to send to their customers. It can handle several different formats. Business owners can send newsletters, promotional emails, and even personal emails that look like they were sent from a friend.

The most helpful feature for business owners is Mailchimp’s branded email templates. Thanks to Mailchimp, you can easily reuse and repeat email designs for speedy email deployment. 

In addition to content creation, it has all of the tools to maximize your e-mail marketing campaigns. Users can take advantage of A/B split testing as well as in-depth audience analytics, viewed on MailChimp’s dashboard. 

Mailchimp also gives its users a “sales conversion” starter pack. With a few clicks of the mouse, subscribers can get everything they need to walk sales leads through their entire funnel. Doing sales funnel marketing the right way will help increase conversions and optimize your business’ performance.

Integrating With Mailchimp

One of the most powerful tools the application offers is its ability to integrate with other software platforms. The number of integrations and what they can do are virtually limitless. There are app integrations to fit almost any business or industry.

Using Mailchimp integrations can do several things for your business. There are apps to help increase your productivity, enhance communication with your customers, and streamline your most important workflow processes. Business owners can even leverage Mailchimp to help build their customer relationships.

Mailchimp and CRMs

CRMs are some of the most important software your business will run. Think of your marketing CRM as your Rolodex. With the help of Cyclr, you can leverage the combined power of your CRM and Mailchimp. Users can automate complex marketing and CRM tasks to help keep all of their data organised in one place.

Cyclr allows your CRM to be updated with new contacts that are added to your Mailchimp audience. It can also work the opposite way. Anyone added to your CRM database can automatically be added to your email marketing audience, as well.

This means less manual updating on your part and no customers will slip through the cracks. Your follow-up procedures will get stronger and you’ll wind up making more sales.

Mailchimp and eCommerce Sites

Mailchimp can integrate with eCommerce sites, and Cyclr can help level up this integration by automatically sending emails when new products have been launched, scheduling social media content, and updating customer details. This can help business owners improve and automate their marketing efforts and increase sales. 

Mailchimp and Event Management Applications

Event management is one of the top priorities of many businesses. Through integration with Mailchimp, businesses can manage events with ease. You can email guests their invitations and track attendees. This works especially well if you’re in the retail space. If you invite customers to a “pop-up shop” or sale event, you can track the invitations sent and the people who attend. You can also track purchase data from the event attendees.

Mailchimp and Analytic Software

Combining Mailchimp with analytic software creates a really powerful tool. By leveraging Mailchimp and analytics together, business owners can get a full picture of how customers are interacting with their online presence.

Integrating these two platforms will tie together key metrics from your marketing campaigns in Mailchimp and your website metrics on your analytics dashboard. The result is that business owners can more easily see how customers are moving back and forth between their marketing pieces and their website. You’ll also be able to see how your landing pages are working, as well as gain further insight into your contacts and website visitors.

Mailchimp and Cyclr

Cyclr is an embedded iPaaS with integration capabilities to over 350 SaaS applications. With low code, drag-and-drop tools users can build automated workflows between MailChimp and platforms like Google Analytics, Shopify, Salesforce, and Eventbrite. To streamline your processes, and improve business functionality all made possible through Mailchimp’s Integration API.

As soon as you’ve connected your MailChimp account you’ll be able to build native integrations in seconds, as well as smooth deployment into your application. 

Don’t Just Grow Your Data, Grow Your Business

Mailchimp does more than just grow your data. Business owners will be able to leverage Mailchimp to grow their businesses. The integration opportunities available with Mailchimp and Cyclr act as extra sets of hands in your business.

You can essentially double or triple the size of your team by using the proper automation. The results are better customer service, stronger customer relationships, and a more professional brand. All of which can lead to more sales and higher revenue for you and your company.

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