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Marketo's powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art & science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.

Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
Get Leads By Email Address Gets all of the leads with the specified email address. Action
List Lead Website And Email History Lists a leads website and email history. Action
List Leads Lists all leads using a filter. Action
Get Lead Gets a lead. Action
List Smart Campaigns Lists the smart campaigns of a lead. Action
Create Custom Objects Creates a custom object. Action
List Linkable Custom Objects Lists linkable custom objects and their fields. Action
List Lead Memberships Lists a leads memberships. Action
List Custom Objects Lists the API name of existing custom objects. Action
List Lead Acitivities Lists a leads activities. Action
Create Or Update Lead Creates or updates a lead. Action
Update Lead Custom Object Updates a leads custom object. Custom Object mappings must be added as custom fields. Action
List Lead Fields Returns a list of all fields available for interaction via the REST API. Action

Static Lists

Feature Description Type
List Lists Lists all the static lists. Action
Add Lead To List Adds a lead or leads to a static list. Action
Remove Lead From List Removes a lead or leads from a static list Action
Get List Gets a static list. Action
Get List Members Gets the members of a Static List. Action


Feature Description Type
List Activity Types Lists activity types. Action

Bulk Exports

Feature Description Type
List Export Jobs Returns a list of export jobs created in the past 7 days. Action
Get Export Job Status Retrieves the status for an export job. Action
Enqueue Export Job Adds an export job to the processing queue. Action
Get Export File Retrieves a completed export file's content. Action
Cancel Export Job Cancels an export job. Action
Create Export Job - Activities Creates an activity export job. Action
Create Export Job - New Activities Creates an export job for activities created since the last run. Action
Create Export Job - Leads Creates a lead export job. Action
Create Export Job - New Leads Creates an export job for leads created since the last run. Action

Bulk Imports

Feature Description Type
Get Import Job Status Retrieves the status for an import job. Action
Get Import Job Failures Retrieves a list of failures for an import job. Action
Get Import Job Warnings Retrieves a list of warnings for an import job. Action
Create Import Job Creates an import job for a csv payload into the target instance. Action
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