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MYOB AccountRight

MYOB AccountRight is powerful accounting software with business management capabilities

Connector Methods


Get InvoiceReturns the specified invoice. Action
List InvoicesReturns a List of invoices. Action
Get Updated InvoicesReturns a list of updated Invoices for a given file added since the last run time. Action


Get CustomerReturns an individual customer. Action
Update CustomerUpdate a Customer. Action
Create CustomerCreate a customer. Action
List CustomersReturns a list of customers. Action
Delete CustomerDelete a Customer. Action
Get Updated CustomersReturns a list of updated customers for a given file added since the last run time. Action


Get SupplierReturns details of the specified Supplier. Action
List SuppliersReturns a list of Suppliers. Action
Update SupplierUpdates a Supplier. Action
Get Updated SuppliersReturns a list of updated Suppliers for a given file added since the last run time. Action
Create SupplierCreates a Supplier. Action


List ContactsReturns a list of Contacts. Action
Get ContactReturns an individual contact. Action
Get Updated ContactsReturns a list of updated contacts for a given file added since the last run time. Action

Service Invoices

Get Service InvoiceReturns details of specified Service Invoice. Action
Add Service InvoiceAdd a Service Invoice. Action
Delete Service InvoiceDelete a Service Invoice. Action
Update Service InvoiceUpdate a Service Invoice. Action
List Service InvoicesReturns a List of Service Invoices. Action
List Updated Service InvoicesReturns a list of updated Service Invoices for a given file added since the last run time. Action

Company File

Get FilesReturns details of company files. Action

Tax Codes

Get Tax CodesReturns a list of tax codes. Action
Get Tax CodeReturns details of a specified Tax Code. Action

Item Invoices

Get Item InvoiceReturns specified Item Invoice. Action
Add Item InvoiceAdd an Item Invoice. Action
Update Item InvoiceUpdate an Item Invoice. Action
Delete Item InvoiceDelete an Item Invoice. Action
List Item InvoicesReturns a List of Item invoices. Action
Get Updated Item InvoicesReturns a list of updated Item Invoices for a given file added since the last run time. Action


List AccountsReturns a list of Account Detail records. Action
Delete AccountDelete an account. Action
Create AccountCreate an Account. Action
Get AccountReturns a single account. Action


Get Inventory ItemReturns an Inventory Item. Action
List Inventory ItemsReturns a List of Inventory Items. Action
Update Inventory ItemUpdates an Inventory Item. Action
Create Inventory ItemCreates a new Inventory Item. Action


List Service BillsReturns a List of bills. Action
Create Service BillCreates a bill. Action
Update Service BillUpdate a bill. Action
Get Service BillReturns an individual service bill. Action

Bill Items

Add Bill ItemAdd a Bill Item. Action
Delete Bill ItemDelete a bill item. Action
Get Bill ItemReturns specified bill Item. Action
List Bill ItemsReturns a List of Item invoices. Action
Update Bill ItemUpdate a bill item. Action


List CategoriesReturns a list of categories. Action


List CurrenciesReturns a list of currencies. Action
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