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Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions. This connector authenticates you via an API key.

Connector Methods


Feature Description Type
Add Organization Adds a new organization Action
Update Organization Update details of an existing organization. Action
Delete Organization Update details of an existing organization Action
Get Organization Gets details of an organization Action
Get Organizations Gets a list of organizations Action


Feature Description Type
Get Person Gets all the details of a person. Action
Add Person Adds a new person. Action
Update Person Updates a person's details. Action
Delete Person Deletes a person. Action
List People Returns a list of people. Action
Get People by Email Address Returns a list of people matching the email address provided. Action


Feature Description Type
Get User Activities Returns all activities assigned to a particular user. Action
Add Activity Adds an activity. Action
Update Activity Modifies an activity. Action
Delete Activity Deletes an activity. Action
Get Activities Get the details of all Activities Action
Get Activity Get the details of an Activity Action


Feature Description Type
List Deals Returns all deals. Action
Get Deal Returns details of a specific deal. Action
Add Deal Adds a new deal. Action
Update Deal Updates the details of a deal. Action
Delete Deal Marks a deal as deleted. Action
List Participants Lists participants associated with a deal. Action
Get Deals by Stage Lists deals in a specific stage. Action
Updated Deal Triggered when a deal has been edited. Webhook
Create Deal Updated Webhook Action


Feature Description Type
List Stages Returns data about all stages in all Pipelines. Action
Get Stage Returns data about a specific stage. Action
Add Stage Adds a new stage, returns the ID. Action
Update Stage Update the properties of a stage. Action
Delete Stage Marks a stage as deleted. Action


Feature Description Type
Add Pipeline Adds a Pipeline. Action
Update Pipeline Update the properties of a pipeline. Action
List Pipelines Returns data about all pipelines. Action
Get Pipeline Returns data about a specific pipeline. Action


Feature Description Type
List Users Returns data about all users. Action

Feature Description Type
Get Activity Types Get all activity types in this account. Action
Delete Webhook Action


Feature Description Type
Get Currencies Returns all supported currencies in given account which should be used when saving monetary values with other objects. The 'code' parameter of the returning objects is the currency code according to ISO 4217 for all non-custom currencies. Action

Deal Fields

Feature Description Type
List Deal Fields Returns all deal fields. Action
Get Deal Field Returns details of a specific deal field. Action


Feature Description Type
Get All Notes Returns all notes. Action
Get New Notes Returns all new notes. Action
Get One Note Returns a specific note. Action
Add a Note Adds a note. Action
Update Note Updates a note. Action
Delete Note Deletes a note. Action
Create Note Added Webhook Action
Note Added Triggered when a new note is added in pipedrive Webhook

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