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Sales CRM for small teams with big ambitions. This connector authenticates you via an API key.

Connector Methods


Update OrganizationUpdate details of an existing organization. Action
Delete OrganizationUpdate details of an existing organization Action
Get OrganizationGets details of an organization Action
Get Organizations by NameSearches all organizations by their name Action
Add OrganizationAdds a new organization Action
Get OrganizationsGets a list of organizations Action


Get PersonGets all the details of a person. Action
Update PersonUpdates a person's details. Action
Delete PersonDeletes a person. Action
Get People by Email AddressReturns a list of people matching the email address provided. Action
List New and Updated PeopleReturns a list of people new/updated since last run. Action
Add PersonAdds a new person. Action
List PeopleReturns a list of people. Action


Get User ActivitiesReturns all activities assigned to a particular user. Action
Update ActivityModifies an activity. Action
Delete ActivityDeletes an activity. Action
Get ActivitiesGet the details of all Activities Action
Get ActivityGet the details of an Activity Action
Add ActivityAdds an activity. Action


Get DealReturns details of a specific deal. Action
Update DealUpdates the details of a deal. Action
Delete DealMarks a deal as deleted. Action
List Deal ParticipantsLists participants associated with a deal. Action
List Deals by StageReturns all deals at a specific stage. Action
List New and Updated DealsReturns a list of deals new/updated since last run. Action
List Deal ProductsLists products associated with a deal. Action
List DealsReturns all deals. Action
Add DealAdds a new deal. Action


Get StageReturns data about a specific stage. Action
Update StageUpdate the properties of a stage. Action
Delete StageMarks a stage as deleted. Action
List Stages for PipelineReturns data about the stages in the selected Pipeline. Action
List StagesReturns data about all stages in all Pipelines. Action
Add StageAdds a new stage, returns the ID. Action


Update PipelineUpdate the properties of a pipeline. Action
Get PipelineReturns data about a specific pipeline. Action
Add PipelineAdds a Pipeline. Action
List PipelinesReturns data about all pipelines. Action

Deal Fields

Get Deal FieldReturns details of a specific deal field. Action
List Deal FieldsReturns all deal fields. Action


Get All NotesReturns all notes. Action
Get New NotesReturns all new notes. Action
Get NoteGet details of the specified Note. Action
Update NoteUpdates a note. Action
Delete NoteDeletes a note. Action
Add a NoteAdds a note. Action


List ProductsReturns data about all products. Action
Get ProductReturns data about a specific product. Action
Search productsSearches all Products by name, code and/or custom fields. Action
Update ProductUpdates product data. Action
Delete ProductMarks a product as deleted. Action
List New ProductsReturns data about all products created since last run. Action
List Updated ProductsReturns data about all products created or modified since last run. Action
Create ProductAdds a new product to the products inventory. Action


Updated DealTriggered when a deal has been Updated. Webhook
Note AddedTriggered when a new note has been added. Webhook
Updated PersonTriggered when a Person's record has been Updated. Webhook
Updated OrganizationTriggered when an Organization has been Updated. Webhook
Updated ActivityTriggered when an Activity has been Updated. Webhook


List UsersReturns data about all users. Action


Get CurrenciesReturns all supported currencies in given account which should be used when saving monetary values with other objects. The 'code' parameter of the returning objects is the currency code according to ISO 4217 for all non-custom currencies. Action

People Fields

List People FieldsReturns all people fields. Action
List Custom People FieldsReturns all custom people fields. Action
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