Cyclr vs Prismatic

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Why choose Cyclr over Prismatic?

Prismatic, like Cyclr, is an Embedded iPaaS vendor. Prismatic is, however, newer to the market with a less mature product.

Cyclr is richer in experience than Prismatic, we have been building our embedded iPaaS for a much longer period.

In our world, an embedded iPaaS should save you substantial time and open-up your integration eco-system creation and maintenance to a wider technical and non-technical audience.

As well as being flexible enough to scale with your usage and offer additional developer friendly advanced features, so you can deliver the best integration experience possible to your users.

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Why Choose Cyclr over Prismatic

With Cyclr you get:

  • A far wider range of ready to use connectors
  • An established Embedded iPaaS team
  • SOC2 Type II compliance
  • SLA on all plans
  • Pricing that scales with your integration usage
  • Top Tier Support

This translates into some primary considerations for you:

The Cyclr Process - options for delivering in-app integrations

Cyclr offers a deeper level of abstraction than Prismatic, which means you can operate Cyclr technically if you want, but as importantly you can readily release responsibility for integrations to non-technical users.

Plus, if you prefer or want to use in tandem with our low-code tools, you can drive Cyclr directly via our API.

Our prices are based on the number of connectors, not the number of workflows or instances.

Prismatic’s pricing will scale substantially over time as you grow your eco-system of integrations.

As an established product Cyclr is more stable and richer in functionality.

See our Connector Layer

You're in Safe Hands with our Support Team

Our users love to shout about our support for a reason, we’re dedicated to supporting you to integration success.

Whether it’s Solution Architect assistance when trailing Cyclr, our in-app support or dedicated account managers, we’re always here when you need us.

Cyclr can offer deeper European support and will shortly have a direct presence in North America.

Even prior to this our standard support hours are already 9am-10pm GMT which perfectly covers 9am-5pm EST.

Integration Support

Transparent and Ready to Help

SOC2 and GDPR Compliance

Our embedded iPaaS offers a choice of hosting options for our out-the-box plans and fully custom deployments in our Private Cloud offering.

You can even migrate between them as you and your integration usage grows.

Cyclr has achieved SOC2 Level 2 compliance and as a European company is deeply familiar with GDPR requirements.

We also offer an SLA on all of our plans.

So you know that your data is being treated to enterprise level standards of security and transparency.

Take a Look at our Security and Compliance Measures

Need some more convincing? – don’t just take our word for it, our existing partners agree!


Luke Brewin, Head of Transformation

“The support really needs to be screamed and shouted about because the time you have to work through any of our questions or issues we may have is really what sold Cyclr to us, and a big reason why we haven’t looked anywhere else.”

A variety of scalable hosting options

We designed Cyclr so it can scale as you do; offering shared infrastructure hosting, with the choice of US, UK, EU and APAC servers, as well as private cloud deployments.

Private cloud infrastructure can be customised to maximise performance around your main integration types and can be managed by us if you require.

You can always start in shared hosting and migrate as your users integration needs grow.

See Hosting Options
Hosting Options

Cyclr is the preferred platform of the discerning SaaS company

See why Cyclr is rated 4.8/5 stars by our customers on G2!

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“Being able to integrate with multiple other SaaS products is a critical part of building a wider partnership eco-system.

Cyclr’s powerful embeddable iPaaS platform enabled us to rapidly accelerate this process and build complex, multi-step integration workflows quickly and reliably.”

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