Cyclr secure £5.5m ($7.2m) of new investment led by Praetura Ventures and Blackfinch Ventures

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The new investment will fuel ambitious international growth plans. 

As one of the first movers in the emerging ‘embedded iPaaS’ sector, Cyclr has seen rising demand for its software integration application. Embedded iPaaS (Embedded integration Platform as a Service) is the provision of a software application, predominantly to other software companies, to enable the management and delivery of white-labelled integrations to clients at scale.

Selling into the growing software and SaaS economy, Cyclr’s software application enables our partners to integrate with multiple other systems so their end-users find it easier to move data, and create automations, across their software eco-system. 

Developing integrations with other systems from scratch comes at a significant cost in both time and resources, and often acts as a major hurdle to market penetration for technology companies. Cyclr helps accelerate the integration delivery process and create a frictionless user journey between third parties at scale so software and SaaS innovators can focus on their own development, winning new clients, and growing their business. 

Cyclr has built a library of over 400 API connectors that technology companies can choose to create white-label integrations. The library ranges from smaller niche services up to widely known global names such as Google Adwords, Hubspot, Microsoft Azure, Quickbooks, Slack, Stripe and Trello. The integrations can be installed quickly and span business functions such as accounting & billing, data tools, e-commerce, ERP, HR and marketing.

With direct experience of the challenges SaaS companies face when operating at scale our goal is to be the ‘utility company’ to the API economy, providing the pipes and infrastructure to deliver rapid interconnectivity.

We grew our team by 57% in 2021 and have now secured a large majority of revenue from international clients. We plan to use the investment to continue our growth trajectory internationally and further develop our brand in the tech industry. 

The Team behind the Embedded iPaaS

Cyclr CEO, Fraser Davidson

“I am incredibly excited about the future for Cyclr. This new investment is a significant validation of our company and strategy and I am delighted to welcome Praetura as investors alongside support from Blackfinch, Juno Capital and our existing Angel investors.

We already generate a large majority of our revenue internationally and this capital will allow us to begin exploring a direct presence in some of those international markets for the first time. I am grateful to the entire Cyclr team for the hard work to get us to this point.”

Praetura Ventures MD, David Foreman

“The Praetura team are lucky to work with some phenomenal tech entrepreneurs and Cyclr are a great example of that. It’s a fascinating business with a strong management team who’ve experienced a problem in their previous careers and are now on a mission to solve it.

Delivering on our more than money promise, we will be engaging our operational partners and other portfolio support services to help Cyclr on their growth journey.”

Blackfinch MD, Reuben Wilcock

“We are delighted to support, and be a part of, the brilliant company and talented team that is Cyclr. This investment further cements our commitment to helping it grow into the most successful iPaaS solution on the market.

The business-to-business software-as-a-service technology sector is exploding, and the elegance of Cyclr is the ease at which it allows software providers to integrate to other platforms. With this investment we look forward to supporting Fraser and his team with their next stage of their journey.”

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