Cyclr’s 2022 Roundup: A Leading Embedded iPaaS

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It is that time of year when everyone is winding down and is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we’ve achieved in 2022.

The highlights of the year that we wanted to share with you are as follows:

  • Team growth of +47% from 34 to 50
  • 112 new connectors added to take our Connector Library to well over 400
  • SOC2 Level 2 compliance audit completed
  • Over 2,800 support questions answered
  • >100% increase in workflows processed and API Calls per month
  • >200% increase in accounts managed
  • >600,000 new lines of code added to the application
  • New investment capital of £5.5m ($8m) received
  • 55 new blog articles for your delectation
  • Recognised as a Leader in Embedded iPaaS in the G2 Crowd quarterly reports and rankings
  • We have planted 365 trees this year and support 3 tree planting projects in partnership with Digital Humani

How did we fair with our 2022 aims?

At the end of 2021, we wrote about our aims for the new year, first, we wanted to increase the headcount of the team to 60 by year-end. We didn’t quite hit 60 but we recruited 16 new team members taking us up to 50. As well as team growth, we wanted to increase the number of connectors in our library, both published and unpublished. The team built an extra 112 connectors and as a result, we broke through our goal of 400 connectors in 2022. 

As well as Connector growth we expected and saw a 100% increase per month in API calls and smashed our SOC2 Type II compliance in 2022.

Our aims for our embedded iPaaS going into 2023

So, what are we hoping to achieve in 2023? Well, we have some exciting updates and features to Cyclr’s existing console. As well as launching a new product to expand Cyclr’s integration options to a different market. 

We also want to further grow our team and hit 70 team members, as well as expand into new territory to help increase our support coverage. 

If you haven’t yet considered Embedded iPaaS as a way to increase your speed to market and agility in integration delivery then now is the time. Reach out to us, and let’s have a chat, we look forward to trying to persuade you to join us on our exciting journey.

We are wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

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