Do Integration Promises Slow Down your Sales Process?

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Oh for the days when you could sell your SaaS product or application as a powerful ‘stand-alone’ application. Life was so much easier back then. Focus on what you are good at, your own application and what it does. Everyone was happy busily developing their own silos and making $$$$ by selling it on pure powerful function alone.

Not now.

These days applications need to integrate. Sales people are inundated with requests for integration. So much so that integration itself (or lack thereof) can be a barrier to sale.

Breaking Sales Promises

We all want (Cyclr included) to be able to have our sales teams make integration promises, or deliver workflow solutions, that we can deliver.

The ‘how is that delivered’ internal question is the big one. But the ‘big one’ for the sales person is ‘how quickly can I deliver it to land the sale’. Don’t sell what you can’t deliver as the old adage goes….

If the integration will be provided off-platform by a third party vendor then it is somewhat easier, though that isn’t keeping your customer close and may be a sub-optimal solution for both you and your client.

If it is a self-generated integration or workflow automation solution then the ability for the sales team to show a proof of concept may be determined by internal sprint plans and developer utilisation.

This is where Cyclr can bring some real value-add.

Delivering on your Sales Promises



Cyclr is an embedded fit for purpose integration management application, you have access to a large number of ready-made integration possibilities as well as the capability to very quickly create (or get us to create) new connectors, unencumbered by needing to fit it in to core platform development sprints.

A commercially-minded member of your team who understands the problem being resolved can create workflows and integrations with existing connectors very quickly, and a single developer can stand-up a new connector (if required) typically in a matter of hours. At all times work is ring-fenced within the Cyclr platform.

Cyclr can help sales teams make commitments and deliver proof of concept propositions rapidly. This can help land sales and satisfy clients. Rapid proof of concepts and ongoing responsiveness. What’s not to like?

Want to learn more about what this might mean for you? Give one of our friendly team a nudge here and we will be in-touch.

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