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Sandeep Thiruvoypadi Mohan

At SaaStock we got the chance to meet and chat with Sandeep Thiruvoypadi Mohan who is Head of Inside Sales at Outplay about SaaS sales.

Outplay and Sandeep Thiruvoypadi Mohan

Hi, I’m Sandeep and Outplay is a sales engagement platform and is a holistic solution that not only helps you with sales engagement but also multichannel outreach, outbound sales automation, prospect tracking, reports, and more.

Ultimately it is an end-to-end sales engagement platform.

Outplay a SaaS sales enablement platform demonstrating how to create a prospect from a LinkedIn profile.

What would you recommend for someone starting out in SaaS sales?

To start off with, in SaaS sales the first thing that you need to do is understand your ideal customer profile (ICP). This is the person to whom you’re going to be selling. You will also need to identify the companies you will be selling to. To achieve this you will need solid data tools to help you collect and collate all that information. 

In terms of tools, you can use multiple tools to provide data and different tools to help you understand and use the data to get the most value. At the moment there is an increasing trend of using consolidation of tools due to the current economic downturn. Consolidation tools will help you reduce costs and give you the efficiencies you need. 

Outplay for instance provides you with a data platform that allows you to dig deep into your data to extract insightful and valuable data. For example, this data can help you reach out to your prospects in the shortest time possible.

Therefore, if you are just starting out in SaaS sales I would suggest tools that are consolidated already and give you quality data. This in turn helps you reach out to your prospects quickly. Otherwise, competitors may beat you to them. 

What sales actions do you think are the most important for a salesperson?

In regards to important sales actions to make I’d say the first is research. In the market today you need to personalise processes, whether that is email marketing, sales flow etc. This is because generic outreach doesn’t cut the mustard anymore and personalisation is expected. 

The research you conduct needs to identify what your prospect(s) like and what they don’t like in terms of trying to sell to them before reaching out to them with specific information. There are a number of tools that can help you with research and trying to get information about your prospects. For instance, they can collate all the relevant information to construct a timely and personalised message to prospects. As a result, prospects are more likely to respond positively. 

I’d say that research and timely outreach, as well as persistence, are the most important sales actions for a salesperson.

Outplay a SaaS sales enablement platform demonstrating how to import prospects.

How do you see integration playing a role in sales and prospecting in SaaS?

In terms of integration, every tool you are using for sales needs to be able to communicate with each other. Otherwise, if there is no synergy the data will be siloed and an important piece of information will be missed that will help you with the prospect and/or future sale.

Therefore a seamless flow of information is vital to make sales happen. Whether it is an integration with your CRM or sales engagement tool your data needs to be connected to provide a seamless experience. 

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