The Cyclr Team Has Grown by nearly 100% in 2020

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While 2020 has undoubtedly been tough year for all, we do have some good news to share.

Many verticals in SaaS have seen sharp rises, as working from home and the need for digitalisation has grown due to global circumstances. This has impacted our Embedded iPaaS market (as we provide API embedded integrations and interoperability software to SaaS companies) and, despite some inevitable client challenges, we have grown every month of 2020 as a result.

This has meant that we have had to embrace the concept of the fully ‘Zoom only’ recruitment and onboarding processes of 2020 and we have proactively built our team.

We are therefore delighted to have welcomed a number of new faces to Cyclr throughout 2020:

  • Matt Lewis, Client Delivery and Project Manager
  • Doug Broun, Sales and Business Development Manager
  • Matt Daniels, Sales and Business Development Manager
  • Katrina Paglierani, Sales Consultant (US)
  • Hayley Brown, Marketing Assistant
  • Sara Richardson, Financial Controller
  • John Owen, QA Developer
  • Steven Pinto, Platform Developer
  • Jack Taylor, Solutions Developer
  • Cameron Carlin, Connector Developer
  • Matus Nerad, Dev Ops Manager

While you may not have met all of our new faces, (many of which we haven’t either other than via Zoom!), they have helped grow our integration solution to new heights.

Meet the Team

As our team scales up as do our ambitions for the embedded iPaaS market. We’re determined to make integration accessible to wider audiences – helping save time, money and effort of end users around the world.

We’d like to thank all of our new starters for the impact they’ve had already and look forward to working with them in the years ahead. Keep an eye out for new opportunities at Cyclr in 2021…

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