What is an Embedded Marketplace?

Embedded Marketplace

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We first revealed our Embedded Marketplace at SaaStock, way back in 2019. In a snapshot, it is a UI tool to help users rapidly create, manage and deploy integrations seamlessly. As well as, quickly and directly in your SaaS application.

But, what is an embedded marketplace?

What is a Marketplace?

Firstly, a marketplace is either a physical location or an online platform. It is where customers can gather for the purchase, sale or license of goods or services.

For instance, Amazon is a prime example of an online marketplace. The eCommerce platform enables third-party sellers to sell new or used products to consumers. There are numerous types of marketplaces and this type of marketplace differs from an embedded marketplace.

This image demonstrates G2, which is a software marketplace. The site breaks down software into verticals so users can browse and filter for the software they need.

What is an Embedded Marketplace?

An embedded marketplace looks similar to a normal marketplace but is embedded within an application for specific users. They can download or install items to help with their use of the SaaS product. For instance, many SaaS applications have an integration marketplace with APIs of other applications. These can be installed and used to build workflows to transfer data from one app to another.

ActiveCampaign marketplace

Take ActiveCampaign for instance, this above image demonstrates the number of applications that their SaaS can be connected with. Their APIs are presented in a marketplace or library format on their website and within their application for users to quickly browse and install.

We’ve created something similar as a way for our users to present their native integrations to their customers.

What is Cyclr’s Embedded Marketplace?

So, what is Cyclr’s embedded marketplace, well, it is an optional add-on within the Cyclr application and presents your native integrations to customers. Who can then install and run the integrations they need, quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Hierarchy: You have the ability to structure your marketplace by application type, applications themselves or integrations. 
  • Customisable styling: There is flexible CSS which means the embedded marketplace can be customised, as a result, it can ‘look and feel’ like your own application.
  • Embeddable: It is presented seamlessly via iframe within your application which means your users aren’t sent off to third parties to install integrations.
  • All-encompassing: Our embedded integration marketplace is continually being developed and updated. We will continuously roll out functionality to allow users to publish existing integrations alongside integrations built inside Cyclr, providing a unified integration experience regardless of the integration methodologies chosen.

Embedded Marketplace sits firmly within the Cyclr application suite and remains true to our principles of low code.

Cyclr also supports the deployment of Launch/Orbit, for simple integration delivery, as well as the capabilities for you to create a fully Custom UI.

If you would like to learn more about embedded marketplaces, or Cyclr we can provide a demo or free trial, but if you simply have some questions get in touch.

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