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Pre-built Contact Form 7 Plugin integrations

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Send "Thank You For Your Message" SMS to Contact Form 7 Submitters

Thank your user for their message through SMS with this COntact Form 7 and Twilio integration.

Add Website enquiries to your Capsule CRM

This Contact Form 7 and Capsule CRM integration, sends new form entries to your CRM; adding new contacts if they are not listed and creating new tasks relating to the incoming message.

Wordpress to Pipedrive Lead Capture

Update your Pipedrive customer contacts directly from your website with our Contact Form 7 integration. This cycle automatically checks to see if the sender is already in your Pipedrive CRM, adding them if they aren't.

Create Salesforce Case from Contact Form 7 Support Form

Allow your customers to send in support ticket through your website. Contact Form 7 entries will automatically added to your SalesForce CRM, creating a new support case and adding new contacts.

Add website form submitted Support enquiry as Insightly task

Use your Contact Form 7 form to submit support enquiries from your website. New entries create an Insightly task for your support team member that is tied to your Insightly contact.

Simultaneously add new website contacts to Salesforce and Mailchimp

Automatically add contacts from your website to your CRM & marketing suite simultaneously! This cycle combines Contact Form 7 with Salesforce and MailChimp!

Add New Contacts from Contact Form 7 Submissions into Insightly & Create New Lead

This integration workflow combines Contact Form 7 and Insightly to allow you add new leads and contacts from your website directly into your Insightly CRM.

Integrate Contact Form 7 With Campaign Monitor

Set your form to add new subscribers to your Campaign Monitor marketing list.

Add Contacts from Contact Form 7 to SendGrid

This cycle takes new contact form entries from Contact Form 7, checking against your SendGrid contacts to add a new one if it's not already present. The contact is then added to a list of your choice to help you segment your lists based on what form the user has used.

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Contact Form 7 Plugin Features

Full list of all Contact Form 7 Plugin API methods that we provide.


Feature Description Type
Form Entry Get a notification of a form submission. Custom fields must be added to view data. webhook
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